The W. E. B. Du Bois Lectures, created in 1981 with funding from the Ford Foundation, identify persons of outstanding success who have contributed to our much better understanding of african American life, history, and also culture. The lectures were named to respect W. E. B. Du Bois as one of the most significant intellectuals, scholars, publicly figures, and also writers that 20th-century America. Du Bois was a doctoral college student at Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität, was the an initial African American to obtain a Ph.D. Native college (in 1895), and also was forgive an honorary doctoral degree from Humboldt-Universität in 1958.

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Below is a list of in-print works in this collection, presented in collection order or publication order together applicable.

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Families in Peril: one Agenda for Social Change

Edelman, Marian Wright


Race Men

Carby, Hazel V.

A searing critique of definitions of black masculinity at job-related in American culture, Race men shows how these specifying images play out socially, culturally, and also politically for black and also white society—and just how they exclude ladies altogether.


The Anatomy of gyeongju Inequality

Loury, glenn C.

Loury defines a cycle of tainted social information that has resulted in a self-replicating pattern of gyeongju stereotypes the rationalize and also sustain discrimination. His analysis shows exactly how restrictions put on black breakthrough by stereotypical and also stigmatizing thinking deny a segment the the population the opportunity of self-actualization.


Big sufficient to it is in Inconsistent: Abraham Lincoln Confronts Slavery and also Race

Fredrickson, George M.

This book focuses top top the many controversial facet of Lincoln’s thought and politics—his attitudes and also actions concerning slavery and race. Drawing attention come the limitations of Lincoln’s judgment and also policies there is no denying his magnitude, George M. Fredrickson provides the most substantial and even-handed account available of Lincoln’s inconsistent treatment of black color Americans in problem of slavery in the south and straightforward civil civil liberties in the North.


Darker than Blue: top top the Moral economic situations of black color Atlantic Culture

Gilroy, Paul

Paul Gilroy seeks to awaken a new understanding the W. E. B. Du Bois’s intellectual and political legacy. Through his brilliant, provocative evaluation and astonishing selection of reference, Gilroy revitalizes the examine of afri American culture. That traces the changing character of black intellectual and also social movements, and also shows just how we can construct one account of moral progress that shows today’s complicated realities.


Three ancient Colonies: Caribbean Themes and also Variations

Mintz, Sidney W.

As a young anthropologist, Sidney W. Mintz took on fieldwork in Jamaica, Haiti, and Puerto Rico. Fifty year later, the eminent scholar of the Caribbean return to those experiences. These reflections illuminate continuities and differences in between these cultures, however even more they exemplify the strength of civilization to expose their very own history. Mintz argues that in Jamaica and also Haiti, creolization stood for a tremendous an imaginative act by enslaved peoples: the creolization was no a passive mixing of cultures, but an effort to create new hybrid establishments and cultural meanings to change those that had been demolished by enslavement. Globalization is no the new phenomenon us take it come be.

In this collection of interlocking essays, which had their begin as lectures inspired by the presidency of Barack Obama, Robert Burns Stepto to adjust canonical functions of afri American literary works in conversation through Obama’s dreams from my Father. The elegant readings that result shed surprising light on unexamined angle of works ranging from Frederick Douglass’s Narrative come W. E. B. Du Bois’s Souls that Black individual to Toni Morrison’s song of Solomon.

Is economic equality vital for society peace? Why perform the strong oppress and impoverish the weak? how are occurring nations overcoming the tradition of colonialism? These space a few of the numerous thought-provoking comes to addressed in this book. The first in a brand-new series—The W. E. B. Du Bois Lectures—it tackles a wide selection of topics taking care of the economics of racial dispute in important areas of the world.

Rather than challenge other definitions, Kenneth W. Warren makes a clear and compelling situation for knowledge African American literature as an imaginative and crucial work created by black Americans within and against the strictures that Jim crow America. Within this parameters, his publication outlines protocols of reading that finest make feeling of the literary works produced by afri American writers and critics over the first two-thirds that the twenty century.

According come W. J. T. Mitchell, a “color-blind” post-racial civilization is neither achievable nor desirable. Versus claims that gyeongju is an outmoded construct, he contends that gyeongju is not merely something to it is in seen yet is a an essential medium v which we experience human otherness. Race likewise makes racism visible and also is thus our finest weapon against it.

When Britain exit its effort to eradicate difference between conqueror and also conquered and introduced a brand-new idea of governance as the definition and management of difference, currently of political identity were drawn in between settler and native, and also between natives follow to tribe. The end of this early american experience occurred a language the pluralism.

The radical black color left has actually largely disappeared native the battle for equality and justice. Michael C. Dawson examines the causes and consequences, and argues the the traditional left has actually failed come take gyeongju seriously together a force in reshaping American institutions and also civil society. Black politics needs to uncover its means back to its radical roots.

W. E. B. Du Bois never felt so at residence as when he to be a college student in Berlin. Germany to be the first place white people had treated him together an equal. Yet anti-Semitism to be prevalent, and Du Bois’ challenge, states Kwame Anthony Appiah, to be to take it the finest of German intellectual life without its parochialism—to stealing the fire without getting burned.

After Reconstruction, afri Americans found themselves mostly excluded from politics, greater education, and also the professions. Martin Kilson explores exactly how a modern African American intelligentsia occurred amid institutionalized racism. He suggests passionately for an continuous commitment to communitarian management in the heritage of Du Bois.

In this work drawn from lectures ceded in 1994 a founding number of social studies shows on the divisive, deadly results of our national politics of identification. Stuart Hall untangles the power relationships that permeate race, ethnicity, and also nationhood and shows exactly how oppressed groups broke apart old hierarchies of distinction in western culture.

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Loury explains a cycle of tainted social details that has actually resulted in a self-replicating pattern of racial stereotypes that rationalize and sustain discrimination. His analysis shows just how restrictions put on Black breakthrough by stereotypical and also stigmatizing thinking deny a segment that the population the possibility of self-actualization.