Ok, well that"s not a an especially hard question to answer. Specifically when that human being is also the finest selling solo artist in the background of tape-recorded music. If girlfriend don"t recognize who I"m talking around then i can"t help you unless you decision to scroll down to number one right now. So, I suppose I can help you. Yet here are 19 various other artists that can surprise everyone.

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Here room the 20 top Selling country Acts of every Time according to the RIAA (US figures only).


No. 20

Randy Travis

18 million systems sold.

Eight platinum albums, including the 5x-platinum forAlways & Forever.Seven Grammys, 10 ACMs and ive CMAs. In 2016 he was inductee into the room of Fame. About time really...


No. 19

Rascal Flatts

18.5 million devices sold.

These guys are the many awarded nation group that the critical decade. V 40 trophies native the ACMs, CMAs, People"s an option Awards and also more. Hopefully they have actually themselves a big trophy cabinet. Every those awards are because of their seven platinum albums consisting of 5x-platinumFeels choose Today.


No. 18

Carrie Underwood

19 million units sold

With 24 number 1 singles. 7 Grammy awards. 6 albums, all of which have gone platinum, including 8x-platinumSome Hearts.It"s hardly surprising to see her top top this list. Just think, it every started when she won the tv karaoke contestAmerican Idol in 2005.


No. 17

Hank Williams Jr

19.5 million systems sold.

Hank Williams Jr made his chart debut in 1964. Because then he"s been a busy boy. One of the most prolific catalogs in the background of music, consisting of eight platinum albums. He was also one of the most awarded artist that his time, win a trio of entertainer of the Year trophies from the ACM, as well as back-to-back honoursfrom theCMA in 1987 and also 1988.


No. 16

Johnny Cash

23.5 million systems sold

There wouldn"t be as well many human being who don"t recognize who Johnny Cash is. He spread the track of country music far and broad over his long career. Through 10 platinum albums, indigenous his early rockin hits. Groundbreaking live albums or his later creative renaissance. The is a true legend of music.


No. 15

Vince Gill

24 million devices sold

Vince Gill is proof that there is no formula to being a country legend. He"s a singer, a songwriter, a musician and also arguably one of the most talented ~ above this list. V 20 Grammy awards - much more than any type of other male nation artists - 6 ACMs and 18 CMAs.


No 14

Toby Keith

25 million systems sold

In 1993, "Should"ve to be a Cowboy" shot up the charts come besnucongo.orge Toby Keith"s very first number one single. Since then he has made 12 platinum albums. His tourism attract more than a million fans every year for the last 10 years and he"s done it his very own way. With Artist of the te nods indigenous Billboard and the AMA, it"s probably surprising his just at 14 ~ above this list.



Kenny Chesney

25.5 million devices sold

With eight CMA and also ACM entertainment artist of the Year awards, add to 28 career number 1"s. Add to his 11 platinum albums and also the only country artist onBillboards peak 10 Touring plot of the critical 25 Years.


No. 12

Taylor Swift

26.5 million systems sold

Before her pop album1989,Taylor Swift rule the nation charts withFearless going 7x-platinum.Taylor Swift5x-platinum andSpeak Now 4x-platinum. Include to that the 10 Grammys, 11 CMAs and also eight ACMs. She"s also only 27, so there"s a pretty an excellent chance at this rate, she"ll record some the the others above her top top this list.


No. 11

Brooks & Dunn

27.5 million systems sold

Pop quiz: who"s the ideal selling country duo in nation music. Well, if you claimed anything various other than Brooks & Dunn you are out of her mind. They have 11 platinum albums, an ext than 80 awards including two Grammys, 20 CMAs and also 27 ACMs (which makes them the many awarded plot in ACM history). Plus, they"vebeen named Entertainer the the Year 4 times collectively by ACM and CMA. Kix Brooks and also Ronnie Dunn have actually done all ideal for themselves.


No. 10

Linda Ronstadt

30 million devices sold

Why stick come one genre when you can be in many. Country, folk, pop, rock... She"s literally done it all and absolutely nailed that every time. 14 platinum albums, including 4 that climed to the optimal ofBillboard"sCountry chart plus 13 Grammys and also two ACMs.


No. 9

Dixie Chicks

30.5 million devices sold

The finest selling female band of all time. Not simply country, all genres. Let the sink in for a moment. Castle are one of only a grasp of acts that can case multiple diamond albums forWide open up SpacesandFlyfor sales of much more than 10 million each. They"ve winner 13 Grammys, 11 CMAs and also nine ACMs. Bring on CMC Rocks Qld!!!


No. 8

Willie Nelson

31.5 million systems sold

Six-decades and still going solid and 100-plus albums. You called the award there"s a possibility he"s probably won that at part point. There will certainly only ever before be one Willie Nelson.


No. 7

Reba McEntire

41 million systems sold

The country Music hall of Famer is a true nation superstar. She"s had 35 number 1 singles, 19 platinum albums and also won 13 ACMs, 7 CMAs and also two Grammys.


No. 6

Alan Jackson

43.5 million devices sold

The year was 1989. That"s once the world finally learned the talent of a man named Alan Jackson. Numerous years later on he"s had actually 35 number 1 hits, an ext than a dozen platinum albums. Two Grammys, 16 CMAs - three of these were for Entertainer the the Year - and also 18 ACMs.


No. 5


46.5 million devices sold

The many successful nation band in history. That"s a location Alabama owns and won"t it is in relinquishing whenever in the near future. They have actually 20 platinum albums, 43 Number 1 songs and also they were inducted right into the country Music room of call in 2005. They to be alsothe an initial band to victory CMA entertainment artist of the Year in 1982. Which simply for good measure, they did the again in 1983 and also 1984.


No. 4

Kenny Rogers

47.5 million devices sold

If you"re searching for advice, don"t gamble with this man. Chances are he"s holding every the Aces. He"s gained 16 platinum albums and also one diamond album because that sales of more than 10 million units. Kenny has actually recorded 24 No. 1 hits, 11 No. 1 albums and also won three Grammys, eight ACMs and six CMAs. In 2013 he was inducted right into the nation Music room of Fame and also received the Willie Nelson Lifetime accomplishment Award.


No. 3

Shania Twain

48 million units sold

While many others top top this list have made countless albums over a lengthy career, Shania Twain has actually made four albums (so far) and also earns herself a prodium position. That"s a mindblowing achievement. She stays the first and only female artist in history to have three consecutive albums certified diamond because that sales over 10 million units. She has five Grammys, 4 ACMs and also two CMAs and also a star ~ above the Hollywood walk of Fame. Again, let"s simply remind ourselves the she"s had four albums and made it to No. 3 ~ above this list. Wow.


No. 2

George Strait

69 million systems sold

The King of country is a much more than enough title to contact George Strait. Many will argue that he is the greatest nation music artist of all time. I"d be fascinated to hear anyone argue versus that title, since I"ll it is in damned if I have the right to work the end what they would say versus it. Just look in ~ the numbers: 44 Billboard No. 1 singles (60 across all charts), the many of any kind of artist in any type of genre. 22 CMA awards, an ext than any other country entertainer. Add to 33 platinum albums. It"s an excellent to be king.

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No. 1

Garth Brooks

138 million systems sold

Scroll ago up and also take a look in ~ George Strait again and also see how countless units he has actually sold. Currently look in ~ Garth Brooks and the systems he has actually sold. He"s the first artist in background - in any kind of genre - to receive seven diamond awards for seven albums because that 10 million sales each. He continues to be the finest selling solo artist in united state history. Garth Brooks probably needs to construct a granny level out the ago just to have a place to store all the awards he has actually one. He"s in so many Halls of Fame friend might too just create a room of Garth (trademark pending). That is the height touring artist and also his star seems to be gaining brighter and brighter. Can"t wait for him to go back to Oz.