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(DON'T READ further IF girlfriend HAVEN'T WATCHED THE existing EPISODE YET!)

1.) ~ the unkown result of Kurz's confrontation v Gauron, Kurz's heavily damaged as is spotted by one of Mithril's helicopters.

2.) Gauron is presented alive and also well when his AS seems to it is in broken. He likewise learns about Sousuke's status.

3.) Lt. Command Kalinin order all remaining Mithril troops ago to the de Danaan and also prohibits Melissa from starting a search for Kurz because of incoming hostile troops.

4.) We discover that the ECS invisibility setting doesn't work throughout rain.

5.) Sousuke and Kaname flee back into the woods wherein they meet Kurz by chance. Sousuke and Kurz are both wounded.

6.) Kaname and Sousuke present deep feelings for each other.

7.) Kurz remembers that among Mithril's spy satellites have to pass over their area shortly. Sousuke decides to begin a fire in order to sent out a post to the de Danaan via the satellite's camera.

8.) Kaname is beginning to display clear indications of being a Whispered.

9.) Alerted by the fire, Khanakian troops follow Sousuke earlier to Kaname and also Kurz and also then open up fire.

10.) Just prior to being overrun, a missile native the de Danaan flies over Sousuke's group and also deploys the experimental ARX-7 (codename: Arbalest) Arm-Slave close to them. The onboard computer responds come the surname "Al" (lowercase L).

11.) Sousuke will the brand-new AS, receive exfiltration information and also then starts his counter-attack.


I LOVE this episode! It has so countless well enforcement dramatic moments like:

When Melissa shouts to stop the damage of the damaged M9 because Kurz may still be inside and then the sound cut out mid-sentence (not in the dub despite sigh) and the following thing us hear is the explosion... absoutely fantastic!

Kaname being afraid the Sousuke's combat persona. Not surprising once you think about that he has currently fought and also killed people years before reaching age 16.

Kalinin maintaining his cool in front of Melissa because that's what leaders do while directly on his method to Tessa come ask if they could wait just a small longer. I for sure love this guy!

When Kaname tells Sousuke the she doesn't want to leaving without him and he in turn points his gun in ~ her and tells her that he'd rather see she dead than coming to be a living corpse in the hand of the enemy. I have the right to only i think he had actually a picture of the test-subject girl from episode 1 in front of his eyes and didn't want Kaname to experience the very same way.

The final stand v Sousuke and also Kurz offering it your all, knowing that they're going come die and also then Kaname confesses that she doesn't regret anything and is happy to have actually met Sousuke. Such a it is too dirty moment! The music and the cinematic shots especially the fallout’s slow-mo soldier were just on point!

Man, every one of these room so good! The interactions between the characters and also their feel is what makes FMP because that me. Litter in the occasional Mech fighting scene for part awesome action and voilá, the end comes among my all-time favorite anime and also it's just going to gain better!

Though one point I didn't choose in this episode were the forced panty and sideboob shots. They really overdid that this time...

Some various other memorable moments:

Sneak-peak the the ARX-7 "Arbalest" AS.

Creepiest step of the whole episode. (WHAT go SHE carry out TO HIM?!)

Amazing information on the Khanakian T72's and Mig 21's.

Melissa's together suit reminded me a the majority of Mass Effect's room combat suits.

Melissa worried and unable to help.

Sousuke's group photo v his former comrades and also a RK-92 Savage.

The Tuatha de Danaan from over with an open hangar-bay.

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Sousuke's burning message spells "A 6 7 ALIVE". Ns assume the very first A somehow means "Urzu" their callsign.

Did anyone notification that Kaname sheds tears when transforming her head after ~ Sousuke tells she he's walking to leave after the mission?