appreciation and also his personality is really underrated. His personality is very entertaining and also he gives as a perfect opposite for Alphonse. This killer endured by having actually his spirit transferred into armor. He had his body taken and also reduced come a metal suit. In Al"s case, the was conserved from a heart transferred. When Barry led to Al to doubt his whole existence and memories, it"s very effective and also important. Why to be this effective, as well as Al having actually his weaknesses?

It to be effective because Al has actually someone the is dealing with his troubles of life to armor. Someone that he could kinda relate too, however not really. Barry and Alphonse space living in a comparable situation, yet on two different sizes that the coin. Barry is a killer and murdered many people. And also Ed"s brother is among the most innocent personalities in the show, no wanting come kill. It provides Al v a selection to listen to someone who understands the ache of not having actually a human body versus the human being that placed him in the armor, Ed. This is why Barry"s words to be impactful.

His personalities in both collection is remarkable also. I loved how various the two collection portray his character. In the 2003, i loved exactly how the series introduced Barry before, in the case with Ed. I think that was a great decision to add this, so we know exactly how dangerous this human really is. And more importantly, that episode confirmed Ed: just how weak he was at this point. This event really left long lasting effects, this terrified him. He could easily die, there. The 2003 series, really showed Barry"s dark nature first hand, and also it makes sense why the wouldn"t desire to help the protagonists.

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On the other hand, ns really liked exactly how Barry in brotherhood: that turned much more into a help than antagonist. And his personality added some relief indigenous the action, a little. It to be nice to view him type of helping. As well as his funny personality, that still keeps comparable morals and beliefs. That"s why that deciding, he to be going to kill his body to be a moment that was standing out. That still loved killing people, however this was personal. The monster is his body and it makes sense because that him to kill it himself. This is why his death was more impactful, even for a young character.


My opinions

How brotherhood handled Barry: 7/10

How 2003 taken on Barry: 9.0/10

I believe 2003, was better with his character. Also if his death, wasn"t as special as Brotherhood. His death might be arguably far better in the 2003 series. He didn"t redeem himself at all. That"s what is perfect about this, his character didn"t need to. The is shown as a serial killer who has actually fun killing people. For this reason why prevent doing something that is passionate about? Barry to be killing Ishvalans about his death in 2003 series, v a mercenary group. So, it makes perfect sense for Scar to kill this serial killer.

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Peyton Blackley

ed is cute thoe

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0 reply April 09
Peyton Blackley

i love ed!

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0 answer April 09

good analysis

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Wrath Curtis

Isn’t Berry Dead in the regular series his human body scratched the end his blood seal and also they both died in the 2003 series Scar ruined his body in half severely damaging is blood rune

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right here COMES THE basic writer

Yep, Barry is eliminated in both of the series. In the 2003, Scar damages his blood seal and also kills him. In brotherhood, the is at some point killed through his twisted human being body.

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I love Barry he was funny, sarcastic and also goofy but can it is in intimidating when needed. He ended up help our protags even if it was for selfish reasons. That was simply a likeable character. I tend to choose evil characters or chaotic personalities that in some way shape or type in up being "friends" v the an excellent guys. I was so sad once he passed. Come be honest he was among my favorite personalities just since of his personality :/ r.i.p. Barry we"ll mental you

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