I have actually two copies of supervisor mario sunshine and also a functioning gamecube. The gamecube can run The Legend of Zelda Collectors execution (A bundle the a Windwaker trial, the initial Legend the Zelda, a connect to the Past, and also a couple of more). It works perfectly fine on every editions on the bundled disc. When I put in mine super mario sunshine disc (either one of two) it plays the Nintendo logo and makes a sound, shows Dolby surround sound or whatever and then says "The disc might not be read..." This wake up on both the the discs in ~ the same point and neither have scratches. Ns don"t have any much more money for a brand-new gamecube or an additional super mario sunshine copy. As soon as I earn it, what execute I do? i cannot diagnose the problem. Ns need assist diagnosing it and finding the problem.

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I have an old wii and every one of the discs work. I went and bought mario kart and also it says ”unable to review disc”. Deserve to someone aid me v this?

I have the exact same issue, exact same game, same allude at which the fails, other gamings work on the GameCube. Really odd and also I’d love if someone had actually a clue as to why this is happening. Is there a opportunity it could be a memory map issue? i don’t understand what checks the GameCube runs immediately on boot.




I"ve had this problem prior to (but with ssbm). Generally the trouble is simple, the console is overheating & blaming the disc since the heating concern is bring about some part in the analysis assembly to fail. The best method to fix this is to put the gamecube on a wooden or plastic surface & not ON steel OR OTHER game CONSOLES!

Are the gamings PAL or USA copy’s as the gamecube is region-locked, gamings that are not from your region won’t work so it could be that, except that i can’t think of noþeles else.

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I am enduring the same specific problem. I found myself v an extra copy of super Mario Sunshine for this reason figured I would certainly sell among the two duplicates I had. Lengthy story quick one of the two duplicates I had actually was resurfaced (Saw part white paste on the really edge that I had actually never i found it before). The one that was resurfaced will get all the method to the Dolby Surround Sound logo design screen but after that the error post comes up that the, “Game disc can’t be read”. So i tried the 2nd copy of supervisor Mario Sunshine that wasn’t resurfaced and the game functioned fine on mine GameCube together with many other gamings that ns tested on mine GameCube come make sure my system wasn’t the issue.

However the 2nd copy that Sunshine I had that was resurfaced I took to a local video game store to have them check it on their GameCube to watch if the resurfaced video game was merely trash currently or if it could be salvaged. Took the video game to the local game store and they tested it on their GameCube and also the game worked perfectly fine. They buffed the game and put it ago in their system a second time and also again the game operated perfectly fine. Ns took the video game home and also once again my Gamecube can’t read the game. Why does mine Gamecube not check out this disc as soon as it reads all others and also the game stores GameCube reads it?