because that the many accurate results, go into your serial number. For aid finding her serial number, click here.
Max. Cont. Strength (LP): 11 kWMax. Cont. Strength (NG): 10 kWMax. Cont. Amps (LP/NG): 45.8/41.7Main line Circuit Breaker: 50 AmpsPanel Fuse Type: 7.5 Amps ATOBattery Type: Group 26R, 12V, 540 CCAOil Type: Check chart in ManualOil Capacity: 1.7 quarts Oil Filter Type: Full flow spin-on cartridgeOil Filter P/N: 070185ESAir Filter P/N: 0E9371ANG Consumption-50% : 124 ft3/hrNG Consumption-100% : 195 ft3/hrLP Consumption-50% : 1.18 gal/hrLP Consumption-100% : 1.92 gal/hr
for the most accurate results, go into your serial number. For help finding your serial number, click here.

These FAQs could not directly apply to her product. Constantly consult your user manual for specific operating and maintenance solutions.

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Air-cooled residence standby generators made in 2008 or later on require a an essential to unlock its two locks before opening the lid. The unit is locked when it is shipped. To open the lid because that the very first time. The client will require to apply heavy press on the lid over each lock while turning the crucial at the very same time.
During one outage, we recommend the generator be shut under every 24 hours to check the waiting filter and also oil level. Let the engine cool for around 15 minutes to get precise reading ~ above the dipstick. A complete oil adjust will need to be performed after ~ every 200 hrs of operation for air-cooled units, or every 100 hrs of procedure for liquid-cooled units.
Extended warranties are obtainable for our home standby and also commercial generators, (this go not include the CorePower Series,EcoGen, portables or strength washers.) It need to be purchased from an authorized sales/service dealer in ~ the very first year that ownership.Talk v your dealer for an ext details.
The adhering to installations will certainly void the vouch on an automatic standby generator: *Generators provided where no utility power is present(e.g.,hunting cabins) *Generators offered to readjust backup battery solution for different energy resources (this walk not incorporate the EcoGen series). *Improper installations (clearance requirements, wiring.etc). *Modifcattions come the original architecture (extending the exhaust,etc.) *Indoor installations.
Any organization work perform by who has not authorized to do warranty occupational cannot it is in claimed and also will not be covered under warranty. This includes any repair job-related performed by an electric contractor that is not affiliated through a service dealership. Continuous maintenance, such as an altering the oil and filter, deserve to be excellent by anyone and also is not spanned under the warranty.
An automatic standby generator is a back-up electrical system that operates even if it is you are home or away. Within seconds of an outage. It instantly supplies power directly to your home"s electric circuit breaker box. After utility power returns, the generator shuts itself off and waits because that the following outage. The operates on organic gas or fluid propane gas and sits outside, as with a central air air conditioning unit.
Always examine your owner"s manual to confirm details maintenance intervals for your details model. Anyone can perform maintenance, however we recommend a sale or business dealer together some elements are very technical. Dealers can likewise make sure whatever eles is in order. Many units with an OHVI engine will call for maintenance every two years, or ~ 200 hrs of use. The CorePower Serise(OHV engine) requires maintenance every year, or after 100 hours of use. The EcoGen (6kW) calls for maintenance after 500 hours of use. Liquid-cooled units need maintenance every year, or after 100 hours of use.
Maintenance kits and parts can be purchase from any type of sales or service dealer. Through our component distributors (GPCs) or virtual at Only maintenance parts should be used; us don"t recommend and don"t have actually cross-reference numbers for other brands choose Fram or Napa.
Air-cooled systems will come v some SAE 30wt. Oil indigenous the factory. You will want to examine the level and add an ext if necessary throughout the installation. Liquid-cooled units space shipped with oil and also coolant. No additional oil needs to be added during installation.
Always examine the hand-operated for each particular model together oil recommendations change depending on the model. Ours oil referrals are based upon climate or temperature. For locations with seasons, artificial 5W-30 have the right to be used year-around, yet is not recommended in very cold temperatures.
Oil referrals are based on temperature, but synthetic oil is a good option due to the fact that it doesn"t degrade or "sludge" like standard oil. It also has better lubrication properties and stands up much better to high temperatures in the engine.

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Current model air-cooled units do not need a break-in period. They have the right to be switched to man-made or any kind of weight oil immediately. Larger air-cooled product compelled an eight-hour break-in period. The unit must run because that eight hrs (exercise or if powering the house) before switching to synthetic. Please examine your owner"s hands-on to watch if this was required for the details unit.
We are limited as come the troubleshooting we room able to execute without possibly damaging the product or voiding the guarantee of the product (if applicable). Call your regional dealer for business if problems persist.