generic is most similar in an interpretation to

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Meaning of Generic



UK /dʒəˈner.ɪk/ us /dʒəˈner.ɪk/


shared by, common of, or relating to a entirety group of similar things, quite than to any specific thing:

The new range the engines all had a generic trouble with their pan blades.

generic is most similar in meaning to

generic drugs or other products do not have a trademark and are offered without the name of the agency that created them

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Products & producers


noun < C >

UK /dʒəˈner.ɪk/ us /dʒəˈner.ɪk/

a product, especially a drug, that is no much longer owned or legally regulated by a particular company:

The greatest difference between the brand-name drugs and also the generics is price.

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US /dʒəˈner·ɪk/

relating come or common by a entirety group of similar things; not certain to any specific thing:

Jazz is a generic term because that a wide selection of different styles the music.

Generic also method not having a trademark:

a generic drug


noun < C >

US /dʒəˈner·ɪk/

a product, esp. A drug, that is no longer owned or legally regulated by a specific company:

The biggest difference in between the brand-name drugs and the generics is price.

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generic | company ENGLISH



UK /dʒəˈnerɪk/ US

shared by, typical of, or relating to a whole group of comparable things, fairly than to any certain thing:

The new range of engines all had a generic trouble with their pan blades.


generic assets do not have a brand name and also do not legally belong to a details company, for this reason any company can manufacture them:

The examine found big variations in high quality for both brand-name and also generic drugs.

generic equivalents/versions generic versions that the drugs would certainly surely it is in cheaper.

generic goods/medications/products



EXAMPLES the generic


For the sake of top quality standards and efficiency, generic plans of care are formulated for patients that are not responsive to individual circumstances.

We will certainly observe, therefore, period, national, and also object-specific (generic) styles relying on our focus.

Generic tasks as structure blocks for expertise based systems: the diagnosis and routine architecture examples.

The report recommended that, in principle, economic evaluation should be pursued for all pharmaceuticals, however only simple price comparisons need to be undertaken for generic medicines.

Therefore, it is advantageous to automate a generic procedure using batch files.

To summerize, the current study examines the circulation of generic utterances relative to non-generic utterances.

At a most fundamental level, the work-related does not tell us whether generics room conceptually distinctive from non-generic utterances.

Music teachers have to acknowledge the many generic interpretations of gifted and also talented achievement, to which music education can contribute.

In the first we find the share categories that many readers are most likely to expect: potential, environment, motivation, anxiety, the brain, and medicine.

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The species will be referred to by their generic names native hereon.

These, however, room presented ‘impersonally’, and not due particularly to the speaker, however rather are attributed to part generic or administrative entity.

Recognising the generic trajectory is necessary in identify the dramatic intent of any kind of piece complying with this scheme.

This worth is based upon three share outpatient attendances.

Quite simply, the free state apparatus is a share public interest system of administration.

However, the relationships in between rap and also canzone d’autore, except this generic convergence in a vaguely identified oppositional youth culture, have still to it is in ascertained.


A contents marketing guide is generic, your company needs are very much concrete.

IKEA tackles the generic-ness difficulty by make a vast range of various products, and periodically updating long-running bestsellers.

For example, you deserve to use generic keywords to define your business, her product, and also your services.

Instead, its goal is to coast up the us supply of generic drugs.

Metformin is a widely-used generic drug for mitigating liver sugar production in kind 2 diabetes patients.

So rather of generic Independence day deals, friend will have to take a new approach to freedom Day marketing.

Even if those generic links work-related for girlfriend in the quick term, what it will certainly take for all these gains come disappear is Google penalizing you.

Mangold is here, then, a generic term, standing for other plants equally with the beet.

Illiger (1811:83) suggest Tamias together the generic name of the squirrel of eastern North America.

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We have also some portraits of miss out on Vaughan, who is wild and an excellent to watch at; yet this is not the generic distinction.