Yesterday acquired to check out the movie because that the an initial time (acclaration: the original 1995 version, not the sequel, neither was standing alone complex, no the 2.0 version)

I'll be honest, I obtained SO badly LOST.

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I discovered it come be an extremely hard to monitor time to time.

But I perform recognize it's an impressive film, that visuals room stunning come say the least and the topics they handle are very interesing.

So ns was hope that some of you can describe me the movie, so i can catch up to ip in a second run and be maybe to evaluate it.


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This movie take it me lot of rewatches and I still dont completely get it yet it keeps pass me back. Every solitary line in this movie is crucial, even if talked quietly or together an aside. I'll explain what was usually going so significant spoilers for anyone that hasnt viewed it.

So all at once setting: we're in a civilization in the future where world can upload your consciousness to machines, referred to as shells. There's likewise an "internet" because that consciousnesses, and this network connect everything. The nation has windy defense sectors. Our main character functions for public sector 9.

Kusanagi is a cyborg v the mental of a person who offered up her mortal meat to it is in uploaded. Over there is a hacker well-known as the Puppet Master. He provides the network to hack into people and get details or manage them.

The beginning of the movie is spent trying to discover the Puppet Master. That scene with the rubbish collectors is a man accidentally dispersing "malware". Think virus-riddled email spam.

Enter ar 6. This is where points get really confusing since theyre presented as being rather unimportant however then room randomly lugged up later on that provides you think friend missed a lot. Ar 6 is also tracking the Puppet Master. They say the the body that was hacked through the Puppet understand was a trap set by ar 6 to capture him. Kusanagi goes right into the body and also discovers project 2501. Section 6 insurance claims it is the project set up to capture the hacker, however it was created prior to the Puppet understand existed.

It is found that section 6 created the Puppet grasp as a means to hack international governments and carry out extremely illegal activities covertly. The Puppet Master came to be sentient and also self aware and also escaped, transforming on its country. Section 6 is currently trying come reclaim the so its covertly illegal tasks dont acquire out.

Okay now the weird ending. Very first off, when the Pupper understand speaks with that body is most likely one of my favourite scenes of any kind of movie ever. What is happening? The Puppet Master has actually a awareness as complex as a real human yet is distinctly no human. It desires to feel mortality, and be able to reproduce, and also hates the existence. It wants to merge with a real consciousness come experience actual feelings, and maybe end up in a real body. Therefore in the end, the merges with Kusanagi. Kusanagi's body is ruined so her girlfriend puts she in a cyborg child's body. Only currently its not her, yet both her and also the Puppet Master and also at the exact same time neither. Lock have combined into one brand-new entirelt distinct identity.

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Thats the general idea. If girlfriend rewatch it knowing about the entirety Sector 6 conspiracy and all that, you can stop paying attention to that and start paying attention to the viewpoint of the movie. Really amazing stuff.