Optimistic high school teacher will certainly Schuester tries come refuel his very own passion while reinventing the McKinley High School’s glee club and challenging a team of outcasts come realize your star potential. Walking up against McKinley’s devilish high college caste system and facing harsh criticism native everyone around him, will certainly is established to prove them every wrong.

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Serie: Glee

Director: Ryan Murphy

Guest Star: Aaron Hendry, Ben Bledsoe, Brad Ellis, Derek Baker, Doug Penikas, Iqbal Theba, Kent Avenido, Lauren Gottlieb, Naya Rivera, Patrick Gallagher, Romy Rosemont, Stephen Tobolowsky, Taisha Monique Clark, Vivian Nixon


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A young mrs discovers she has actually the capability to hear the innermost thoughts of people about her as songs and also musical numbers.

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