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This is a fully random write-up for RoL, but back in jan 2012, ns made a write-up referencing the episode of “Good happy Charlie” whereby PJ tries to get his dad Bob Duncan come exercise and also lose weight. His motto? “Less bacon and more shakin’.”

Since then I’ve gotten a number of hits from people searching about “Bob Duncan’s load loss” since the gibbs Eric Allan Kramer has absolutely been shedding weight and also building muscle.

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In July 2012, the Toronto sun posted one article around Eric and also his oblivious weight loss. Right here is the article.

With his comedic chops and cuddly big-man size of 6-foot-4 and also 260 pounds, Kramer’s pest manage owner character was regularly the butt of some very funny jokes.Especially because Kramer theatre a dad to four cute youngsters on an excellent Luck Charlie, the No. 1 rated scripted collection on cable television.The mere vision of the standing in his Bob’s Bugs Be unable to do pest regulate suit alongside star Bridgit Mendler, who plays his wise-cracking teen daughter Teddy, elicited guffaws.But as of January, the 50-year-old began going ago to the gym and also watching what the ate.And his personality Bob Duncan was coming to be less of a vision gag.

“Before everybody’s eyes, I started changing,” Kramer speak QMI Agency. “And i don’t think they observed it coming.”It was while filming the 3rd season last loss that the previous gym rat noticed he had put on a lot of extra weight and also that his knees were killing him as a result.“I had actually really bottomed out. Being a solitary dad v a permanent show, I had actually stopped paying fist to myself,” claimed the actor, who rose to fame after his hilarious portrayal of tiny John in the 1993 film, Robin Hood: males in Tights.

“At the start of the season, i was limping approximately with knee problems and also felt really old and weak. When I looked at myself ~ above the show, i didn’t identify myself. I actually said, ‘Who is that guest star?’ and that’s as soon as I said, ‘Holy crap! Time to get back to the gym.’ ”

Kramer to be born in grand Rapids, Mich., yet was increased in Edmonton, whereby his father still lives after retiring from the Canadian football League. The actor stated his body’s beautiful adjust has been gradual, yet noticeable. It began with continuous visits to the gym, 4 times a week, whereby he walk a combination of weight training and cardio. His diet was modified from “anything goes” come smaller, lighter meals spaced appropriately throughout the day.

“The writers began coming as much as me, saying, ‘Hey what’s going on? We wanted to compose a joke about your physique and now us can’t,’ ” Kramer claimed laughingly.

With a 35-pound weight loss through the end of the filming season, Kramer had gone from flab dad to fab dad. In fact, his newest public photos make him look more like a muscular Mr. Clean 보다 a couch potato papa. His body to be so different that writers were compelled to explain his load loss ~ above the show. The final shows were just taped and the Season 3 finale airs Aug 26.

“It was as well noticeable come ignore,” the says.

Rest assured, the comedian is still play Bob Duncan as funny.

“We’ll be explaining the adjust in the end cliffhanger. There’s quiet plenty around me to laugh about since together you view me get skinnier, i actually gain balder,” he says jokingly.

News that yet one more season of good Luck Charlie has been ordered has actually Kramer feeling good about his life. Not only is he back to the load he to be while certification in part productions the the Rocky Horror photo Show in the 1980s, he’s also beginning to straight some the the Disney episodes. He directed one this previous season that was difficult to produce.

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“It to be an episode with indoor hurricanes and also you have actually to number out just how to pull the off, it was a pretty challenge,” that said.