Along with plenty of other shootists, I’m entirely sold on the merits that a .22 revolver. The a kind of gun you’ll discover in the collections of experts and smart beginner alike. Problem is, most full-sized .22 revolvers now are rather expensive. Because that the shooter who sees the benefit of a double-action .22 though, yes sir a an ext affordable choice too-often forgotten by many of united state — the Harrington and Richardson (H&R) model 999 “Sportsman.” Not just is this a full-sized, accurate and also exceedingly resilient .22, but it’s also got a few quirks making the a significantly fun gun to load and also shoot!


Although weathered and also homely, Clayton’s H&R 999 proved to it is in accurate and reliable and a good value in a .22.

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Top break Ain’t Broken

Like the old Webley .38’s and also Schofield revolvers the yore, probably the many novel aspect of the H&R Sportsman 999 is the a top-break. Lift up on the behind sight and also the revolver hinges in ~ the frame. As the gun is scissored open up further, the extractor will instantly raise and eject the cartridges or empties. And also speaking the chambers, this sixgun — isn’t. As its moniker suggests, this pistol holds nine rounds.There’s a lot come recommend about the Sportsman together a great gun in its very own right. The stocks are generous and also hand-filling and also the sights are completely adjustable, enabling it to be quickly tuned come a favorite load. And, seeing as just how it’s a revolver, it will digest any kind of .22 ammo stuffed right into its cylinder, including screaming-fast hypervelocity ammo, target-grade subsonic loads, and even Aguila’s very nifty primer-only Colibri rounds, propeling 20-grain bullets at a glacial 375 fps. It’ll also eat .22 short and also .22 lengthy ammo.


Extremely versatile, the H&R will certainly shoot everything from subsonic ammo to .22 shorts.

65+ Years

H&R make the revolvers native 1932 till 1986, at which point the original firm shuttered. Once H&R became part of brand-new England firearms in 1989, the Sportsmans were produced once again native ’89 through the year 2000. Sixty-five year of production ain’t as well shabby!

What this means is there’s a Sportsman the end there with your name on it. Due to the fact that most H&Rs no exactly thought about to it is in safe queens at any allude in your life, yes sir a lot out there — mine example included — which to be quite clearly used, in lot of senses that the word. I have seen rather a couple of H&R Sportsmen end up being hosts because that “baby’s an initial drill ‘n tap” pistol projects, and all path of sights and grips have been kludged top top these firearms over the years.

Scratched, holster-worn, and also mottled, my instance was most likely used as a desert or ranch gun. But does the eject and also go bang every time? girlfriend betcha. If you’re ready to address a small cosmetic ugliness, you can usually find them in ~ the sub-$250 mark. “One masculine treasure,” and all that.


The H&R will immediately extract and also eject rounds as soon as cranked open.


Ejection is achieved by lifting up on the rear vision unit.

Anything Bad?

There’s a heavy double-action pull — a side effect of the gun’s propensity to give every cartridge pickled in salt a for sure smack. Consequently, you must be mindful no to yank the front vision to and fro in the last stages of cause travel. The single action H&R trigger is still heavy at around 6 pounds, but quite usable. Mechanically, the total is accurate enough to publish quarter-sized groups at 10 yards. It wouldn’t be my first choice if ns were shooting a bullseye match, yet a let go tin have the right to within 25 yards is walk to it is in the fault of the shooter.

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All things considered, the H&R Sportsman 999 is a great gun — yet it’s a an excellent bargain. However, considering the rising need of also “well-loved” pieces choose my own, that seems much more shooters are recording wise come the design’s charm — even if they are a little, um … homely. Source one now, or kick yourself as prices rise higher. Even an ugly duck can use a an excellent home.