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Recently invested one night at the Hotel Miramar in mountain Clemente, CA on the night before my flight home out of LAX airport. Friendly, valuable desk clerk permitted me to borrow his luggage range in order to re-arrange and weigh mine family"s 4 pieces of luggage. Overall, nice ar to remain with comfortable bed, flat-screen television, and huge frig (for a hotel). Room to be pretty clean. Just complaint would be the squeeky bathroom door in Room 304.More

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Wagz1601,First and also foremost, a large thank friend goes to you for staying with united state at ours hotel. Us were an ext than happy to administer you v the range to sweet your luggage; we know exactly how the airlines are :). We space thrilled come hear you had a nice remain with us, and even an ext so the you delighted in the amenities we strive to offer. Concerning the restroom door, please accept our thank you apologies. Please keep in mind that we have because fixed the squeaky bathroom door in room 304. We hope friend will think about us again for her future trips to California.Sincerely,DrewGeneral Manger

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Taking security measures

Bed to be comfy and also room to be pretty clean. The roadway noise calms down at night so we gained a great nights sleep. The owner to be nice and got our TV working quickly. You have the right to go dancing throughout the street at the OC Tavern (no cover charge) and also if you have too lot to drink just walk ago to the hotel, your vehicle is for sure behind the tavern!

Room tip: This is a basic but nice hotel, no pool, Jacuzzi or Restaurant however beach is close and an excellent Restaurants too. Walk to "Brick" under the street (downtown), they have actually awesome food! call for bookings though, they acquire a good crowd.

Kori,We room glad you had a comfortable stay at ours hotel recently. We execute apologize for the TV no working once you first got to your room but are pleased the the worry was resolved quickly. Together you may have actually noticed us pride oneself on our service and also are an extremely happy come hear that you had a nice remain in san Clemente.Sincerely,DrewGeneral Manager

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Me and my husband just stayed below for a mainly while we were looking for an apartment and the civilization were so helpful and they did military Discount. The rooms to be pretty nice and it came v a great size fridge, microwave, flat screen TV with straight TV, a desk, and the beds to be so comfortable!!! It was a really pleasant stay and I certainly recommend if you room on a budget!

Kasie_LR,It was a pleasure having actually both you and your husband stay with us this past month. We love it once guests enjoy a comfortable stay and leave happy. Together always, many thanks to you and your family members for gift proud business Members of our country.Sincerely,General Manager

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I booked this room because that my sons and I due to the fact that they had actually a baseball competition in san Clemente. I had called directly and the owner was an extremely friendly and accommodating. The room was located in a convenient and also easily available area through a 24 hour convenience store throughout the street. The room was clean and had every one of the crucial amenities. During the afternoon and evening the traffic was loud however it subsided when it was time to revolve in and did not influence our night"s sleep. One observation - as soon as I saw make coffee in the morning, the looked prefer the vault guest had made coffee and the pot hadn"t been cleaned (I opted because that the convenience store throughout the street).Overall, the room settled well because that the one night we invested there, and I would remain there again. An excellent value because that the price.

HawaiianSon90,It to be our pleasure to have you stay at our hotel. We always strive to provide the best value to our guests. Ns sincerely apologize for the coffee maker being dirty throughout your use. We will be instead of the coffee devices with single cup devices to ensure that in the future such issues do not occur.Sincerely,General ManagerPS. Ns hope her son"s baseball team winner the tournament.

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We remained 3 nights if visiting my grandson at Camp Pendleton.We were just driving by, trying to find a location to continue to be for the night. We finished up remaining all 3 nights we were in the area. Owners an extremely nice and helpful. The hotel is very close come the naval base, and also within walking street to beautiful san Clemente beach. The rooms room spacious, with dish t.v. And also a ton that channels, microwave, fridge, in wall, safe,iron and also ironing board,tub-shower combo, Paul Mitchell products, complimentary wifi There"s a 7-11 across the street, and many restaurants and also fast food places adjacent The bed was really comfortable, and the pillows to be so awesome ns took the pillowcases off to check the label( couldn"t find one) The price was only $82 every night including tax. Us will definitely stay in ~ the Miramar the next time us visit my grandson.