At Harrington, we aim to carry out industry-leading business to our customers both across the unified States and global markets. Because that over 60 years, we have actually been a leading distributor of process services for corrosive and also high-purity applications. Our success at Harrington has been developed upon a clear set of operating ethics that equally worths our customers, our suppliers, and our employees. 

We have actually selectively partnered through top-tier manufacturers to administer the highest possible quality products available anywhere.We take it pride that our employees room the best-trained, most service-focused specialists in the business.We work tough every day to attend to your needs with high-quality and cost-effective solutions.

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Our customer organization experts room well-versed in the kind of commodities necessary for applications an essential to the process solutions industry. Harrington has actually product professionals in Filtration, Pumps, Tanks, Valves and Automation, and also Instrumentation that have the right to answer particular product/application requirements. We also have a high purity division team, “Harrington Pure”, specifically specialized to providing professional solutions and support to the life sciences & microelectronics industries.

Harrington maintains high levels of list nationwide, ensuring the your project demands are met. Our score is to have the assets on the floor and also ready to ship, decreasing wait time for project completions.


On July 21, 2020, Harrington perfect the salvation of Aetna Plastics. Our goal was to expand our capabilities together a organization leader, including in-house fabrication come our cultivation portfolio of accessible services. 

Aetna Plastics joins the Harrington family with over 75 years of suffer in the fabrication of custom plastic remedies for commercial markets. Aetna has steadily grown its client base and partnership v its vendors; establishing an unrivalled reputation for quality and also customer service.

A Harrington representative is always obtainable to you 24/7 in ~ 1-800-213-4528 or usage our contact type for product concerns or quotes.

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