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1. That is the writer of Harrison Bergeron?

Kurt Vonnegut.

2. In i beg your pardon year was the brief story written?


3. Which point of see is the story told from?


4. In i beg your pardon year is the story set?


5. Which laws are meant to ensure equality?

Amendments 211, 212, and 213.

6. Which federal government organization enforces the laws?

Handicapper General.

7. In i m sorry month perform the H-G men take Harrison?


8. Just how old is Harrison?


9. What is the reason that Hazel deserve to only think in tiny bursts?

Average intelligence.

10. What is the objective of George's ear radio?

Disturb thoughts.

11. What is George's radio tuned to?

Government transmitter.

12. That does George briefly think should have actually no handicaps?


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