Get ready for more worldly adventures tonight! Expedition Unknown chronicles archeologist Josh entrances as he travels about the human being in search of lost cities, treasures, and more. 

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The discovery Channel display uncovers the mysteries of countless legends, and fans definitely can’t get sufficient of the real-life Indiana Jones. Each episode brings us to brand-new locations, together as, ancient Egypt and also Shangri-La. 

While audiences have actually accompanied mockery on five seasons the adventures with tumultuous terrain and also uncharted territory, some fans still inquiry the authenticity the the docu-series or if he’s ever uncovered anything top top Expedition Unknown


Though Expedition Unknown periodically results in Josh no finding anything, the will commonly stumble upon lost treasures. Most recently, exploration documented a live mummy unveiling ~ above Expedition Unknown: Egypt Live. The two-hour live event, i beg your pardon aired critical month, witnessed our host trying out the 2,500-year-old mummy the a high priest.  

“This has been such an amazing experience,” stated the host throughout the broadcast. “There aren’t many world who deserve to say they’ve gone down into unexplored ancient tombs, especially with a life legend prefer Dr. Hawass. We were able to file spectacular artifacts and also mummies and bring viewers follow me in real time. It was the thrill that a lifetime.”"

He continued, “Never in my 50 year in archaeology have actually I experienced something on such a grand range as this.” 

With any reality TV comes, come questions concerning if the show is just staged because that viewers’ entertainment. Some viewers think the display is no as actual as it seems. 


“It takes 2 brain cells to an alert the pattern of nearly figuring the end the an enig and how everything he find is planted,” wrote one person in a reddit thread.  

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Though some believe the show is a hoax, others think the is an ext about the trip Josh takes, than the actual discoveries. Together one reddit user wrote, “The odds of do a exploration on a tv show must it is in astronomical. Ns think the viewers that this display like to live vicariously v Josh."

"Try to enjoy the present for what the is; something i m sorry uncovers unknown parts of the people to most people, explores amazing cultures and history, and also lets you escape on an expedition for hour every week.”