NCIS star note Harmon and also his longtime love, actress Pam Dawber, have become one the the longest-lasting relationships in Hollywood. In spite of being one of the sexy couples of the "80s, they determined early on that their love story was yes, really no one else"s business.

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Harmon grew up in Burbank, California, the boy of actress Elyse Knox and collegiate football star and sports broadcaster, Tom Harmon. He finished up adhering to in his father"s footsteps as a football player at UCLA but ultimately, Harmon decided he want to be an actor, together did his sister Kelly. His various other sister Kristin to be married come singer Ricky Nelson, which assisted Harmon gain his start in the industry. Your connections aided him land his very first TV role on Ozzie"s Girls. After various guest-starring roles, Harmon ultimately booked a series regular duty on the soap opera Flamingo Road.

By the "80s, Harmon came to be one the the greatest TV stars of the decade. His function as the plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Caldwell on St. Elsewhere was very popular as was his illustration on Moonlighting as Cybill Shepherd"s love interest, Sam Crawford. Harmon to be so warm he was even named People"s Sexiest male Alive in 1986.

But future mam Pam Dawber was additionally successful top top the little screen. Dawber thrived up in Detroit, Michigan, but decided to go after a modeling career in new York. She provided acting a try and ended up screen testing because that the Bewitched spinoff, Tabitha (Lisa Hartman landing the role). Abc was for this reason impressed, iconic manager Garry Marshall offered her a function opposite Robin Williams top top Mork & Mindy in spite of having virtually no experience. Adhering to that success, she even starred in her own CBS sitcom, my Sister Sam. Fans at the time quickly freaked over 2 of the most famous stars top top television gaining together.

FILE--Actor mark Harmon, presented right in this 1994 file photo, star and producer that ABC"s new detective drama ``Charlie Grace,"" claims a go back to television suits him just fine. Because that one thing, he likes his character, a Los Angeles-based private investigator. And also because the present is filmed in Los Angeles, he have the right to spend much more time at home with his wife, actress Pam Dawber, left, who starred in the TV series, ``Mork and also Mindy"" and ``My sisters Sam."" (AP Photo/File)

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After being introduced by a mutual friend, Harmon and also Dawber decided that they wanted to keep their relationship private. Which is entirely understandable considering castle were one of the sexty couples at the time. They to be married in 1987 in a exclusive ceremony.

"We"re not trying to save something secret, however if girlfriend don"t want it completely exploited by the press, you have actually to," Dawber told People.

To this day, the couple remains incredibly tight-lipped about their an individual lives. They happily reap being out of the spotlight through their two sons, Sean and Ty.

For virtually 20 years, Harmon has focused on his duty in the massively effective NCIS franchise. After appearing on The West soup (which earned the an Emmy compensation nomination), he was offered a guest-starring duty on JAG. The JAG creator was so impression he chose to provide NCIS one-of-a-kind agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs his very own TV series. The crime drama came to be so famous that it brought about two spinoff reflects were Harmon provides occasional appearances, NCIS: brand-new Orleans and also NCIS: Los Angeles.

Dawber"s exhilaration career has slowed down a bit because the "90s. She appeared in an illustration of The Odd couple in 2016 and also reunited with her Mork & Mindy co-star Robin Williams in 2014 ~ above The stunner Ones.

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When People Magazine inquiry Harmon around the an essential to his irreversible marriage, he claimed it"s really just that they to be mature when they bound the knot.

"We to be both in our thirties once we got married, so hope the stupid stuff us did earlier," the says. "That"s more than likely the closest I have to what the an essential is."