Mist here with a sad but cute little song! This is a Miku original, however Yuzuki Yukari sounds better. However if you really desire to gain the Japanese cover, Kano"s covering is the way to go. For the English cover, Ashe"s covering is the best in mine opinion.

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By Ashe


I traction the window up

And looked into the sky to say

How are you?

Alone between these walls

There"s no one but me


And right here the daylight is

Covered up with pouring rain


Would someone please come by

And wind me up today


I recognize from old cartoons

Characters favor that exist

How room you?

Beloved through everyone

While i am below so the end of place


No issue what my heart will certainly tell me

I"ve gotta come back to today


So, I can raise mine hand

Wipe my tears away

"Oh, whatever"

Is the mantra i live for

And though i didn"t know you

When you said it, i was floored

"Look, I"m sorry, yet I"m through.

I"ve obtained no expectation of you."

I admit, i feel the exact same way

"Cause nothing else is working

I deserve to barely do it day come day

But, what made friend think

That would be alright to say?

Fumbling, stuttering

The native that ns still fight come say

Fantasy, reality

I hide native everyday

Once again, i couldn"t talk

Another set of indigenous I"ve lost

I"m stumbling v everything

Trying to live my life

Tell me why you operation away

And store it all inside

Tell me space you simply afraid

Of letting totally free your mind?

Tell me if you don"t want

Anybody to satisfy you

Tell me, is the the truth?

So deep in ~ the waters

Of the ocean dubbed "Indifference"

The pains is pour it until it is full up my lungs

And I deserve to barely breathe

And in the end, I have actually the urge to listen a human being speak

I to be so really weak

(Ah, ah)

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Sad songs! Why you sound therefore relaxing!? This one is more cute though. It is around an insecure girl and her life. You get the gist. She hides indigenous reality, is fear of encountering people, is an extremely lonely, yadda yadda.

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The tune is beautiful, and also the lyrics are quite clear, so ns feel that you would learn much more about this track by listening to it rather than reading a wall of text.