We released the'Hello, my surname is...' project to celebrate Auslan, (Australian authorize Language), throughout National main of hearing deactivated People, 19 – 25 September. The week celebrate deaf people, language, culture, and community.

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We motivated Australians of all ages to take part in the main by learning exactly how to sign ‘Hello, my surname is’ and their surname in Auslan. That is a simple, but powerful method to raise awareness around this beautiful language and those who use it.

People from across Australia lent their assistance to the campaign including young deaf world through to high profile individuals. Your messages were released from 19 to 25 September.

We would favor to give thanks to everyone that took part to help raise awareness about Auslan and the world that usage it. We encourage you to proceed to communicate in Auslan, uncover out more.

“We wanted to create a emotion of inclusivity throughout this daunting time once members the the deaf and hard that hearing neighborhood are experiencing far-ranging and acute isolation and also loneliness.” Deaf kids Australia CEO, David Wilson.

Auslan is a uniquely Australian language used by approximately 30, 000 people.It is a intuitive language combine hands, facial expressions, arm, and also body motions to convey meaning.

National mainly of hearing deactivated People, is one initiative of deaf Australia.

How human being took part

People learned to authorize 'Hello, my surname is...' and to fingerspell their name. Clock the video to find out how - tuition begins at 1:11. The Auslan poster top top the ideal may likewise help.

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Sign and share

Step 1. Exercise signing Hello, my name is and your name - watch the video clip above

Step 2. video or take it a picture of yourself signing

Step 3. Share her video/photos on your social channels and also tag united state at facebook
snucongo.snucongo.org Twitter
deafchildrenaus Instagram

Step 4. Include the tagline: ‘Join me and Deaf kids Australia in celebrating Australia's authorize language, Auslan, come raise awareness around deaf language and society during nationwide Week of hearing deactivated People, 19-25 September’ #dcamynameis #snucongo.snucongo.org

If you execute not have a social media account, you re welcome send your video or photos to communications
deafchildren.snucongo.org.au and also we can share it for you.