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"Here comes That rainy Day feeling Again" is the title of a pop song composed through Tony Macaulay, roger Cook and also Roger Greenaway, which ended up being the third U. S. Optimal 40 hit because that The Fortunes in 1971. This sad track is about the singer suffering a merganser day feeling, through his tears falling prefer rain as if it was constantly a Monday, rather than a clear Sunday invested with his girlfriend. Part of the lead vocal i are similar to a Frankie Valli and also the four Seasons song. The leg is listed for that is lines: "Misty morning eyes/ I"m trying come disguise the method I feel/ But, I simply can"t hide it/ human being seem to know/ The loneliness will show/ I"m reasoning of my pride/ But, breaking up inside, girl. " The song reached number 15 ~ above the U. S. Billboard hot 100 and also number 8 top top the Cash Box top 100. The was additionally a hit in Canada (number 25) and also charted minorly in Australia. Subsequently, Sonny & Cher spanned the tune on your album all I ever Need is You. An abbreviated cover that "Here come That rainy Day emotion Again" was contained as component of the prolonged LP variation of "Stars on 45," a number one medley hit from 1981.more »

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Here comes that merganser day emotion againAnd soon my tears they will be falling prefer rainIt always seems to it is in a MondayLeft over memories that Sunday constantly spent with youBefore the clouds appeared and also took far my sunshineHere comes that rainy day feeling againAnd I"ll it is in dreaming the you, baby, in vainYour confront is always on my mind, girlI"m hoping quickly you"re gonna find, girlYour method back come me"Cause if you speak you"ll continue to be The rainy days will go awayMisty morning eyesI"m trying come disguise the means I feelBut I just can"t hide itPeople seem to know The loneliness will certainly showI"m thinking of my pride but breaking up inside, girlHere come that merganser day feeling againAnd shortly my tears they will be falling prefer rainIt always seems to be a MondayLeft over memories the Sunday always spent through youBefore the clouds appeared and took far my sunshineHere comes that merganser day feeling againHere come that merganser day emotion againHere come that merganser day emotion againHere come that rainy day emotion again

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The Fortunes The Fortunes are an English harmony beat group. Developed in Birmingham, the Fortunes very first came to prominence and international acclaim in 1965, once "You"ve gained Your Troubles" damaged into the US and UK top 10s.

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Afterwards, they had actually a sequence of hits including "Here It come Again" and "Here comes That merganser Day emotion Again"; continuing into the 1970s with much more globally effective releases such as "Storm in a Teacup" and "Freedom Come, flexibility Go". An ext »