little Sally Walker

Circle Game

Little Sally walker Walking down the street. She didn"t understand what to doSo she stopped in former of me. She said, "Hey girl, carry out your thing,Do her thing and switch!Hey girl carry out your thing do your thing and switch!"

Little Sally walker Walking down the street. She didn"t know what to doSo she stopped in front of me. She said, "Hey girl, execute your thing,Do your thing and switch!Hey girl carry out your thing carry out your thing and switch!"



I received this version recently (2010):From 70 plus year ago... Little Sally Water sit in the sunCrying and also weeping because that someone to comeRise up, Sally, and also wipe away your tearsTurn come the East, and also turn to the West (and)Turn to the one that you love finest

Game Instructions

All the children stand in the circle to sing the song. "Little Sally Walker" walks roughly inside the circle. When the song gets to, "She didn"t understand what to execute so she quit in prior of me" the one playing Sally walker stands in former of someone and does a dance move. The children continue singing, "Hey girl, perform that thing do your thing and switch!" climate the human being who to be picked switches areas with the one who remained in the middle of the circle. The new "Sally Walker" currently does the dance move. At the same time everyone sings the 2nd, "Hey girl perform that thing perform your thing and switch!"The brand-new person who"s "Little Sally Walker" walks about the inside of the circle and also continues the game.


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