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Can anyone call me anything around this? A friend of mine gave it to me, a while back ...

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High standard made some an extremely accurate .22 pistols because that a long time. Lock are very sought after by High typical fans. I have actually an H-D army model the my Dad bought in around 1946, appropriate after he got back from WWll. You have a great pistol...enjoy it.
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you absolutely don"t want it, you should sent it come me best away for suitable disposal!:dancing2:Thats a yes, really nice pistol right there, enjoy!
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The Dura-Matic to be High Standard"s much less expensive entrance level gun in your auto series. It has a removable barrel. The is an excellent gun. AC
I got two High standards at one estate revenue in Cocoa,Fl 2 yeats earlier in mint cond in ~ a an extremely low price.A duramatic like yours and a sports king.Also had a armed forces hd.Nice precise pistols.But,good luck acquiring parts.Hight conventional still makes many parts.But,it took me one year to uncover a sear because that my duramatic and also Hd military.But,that is normally gonna be the situation with 50+ yr old guns.Also,they are finicky v ammo.Mine chosen CCI standard most.And the mags jam a lot.You can gain a mag mediate tool,but its still not straightforward adustment.Aftermarket mags suck.I only had actually original mags.And finding original is hard and costly.Sold em all since I got exhausted of the problems.Ruger Mks are trouble complimentary and simply as accurate,or more.
I have a Duramatic prefer that to be purchased in the late-60s. I"ve shot the a lot and also it"s nice accurate. However, it"s rather finicky around the ammo used. CCI MiniMags space pretty good, however some the the bulk brands deserve to be a problem. As declared above, adjusting the magazine lips helps. It"s a funny gun because that plinking.
Make sure you save the grips snug and also the nut the holds the barrel ~ above too. I had actually one years earlier and it was a funny gun come shoot.
As rather here, I have actually a 4" Dura-Matic which is a good plinker. No the target grade trigger as in my 106"s and 107"s. Yours doesn"t have actually the correct manufacturing facility mag, but as lengthy as it feeds OK, climate no worries. Biggest problem has been v after sector mags no feeding properly. Expect you shoot and also enjoy that often.
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My dad had a High conventional "Sport King" that constantly jammed up. I took it home one week-end and did part filing top top the mags and had lock both functioning perfectly as soon as I reverted it come him. Several years later on I bought the pistol native him and it still operated perfectly. I sold it to my nephew a few years back and as far as I recognize it still works great. The key to those guns is to tune the magazines and also they will be great shooters.

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My Dad"s H-D army that he bought new around 1946 and also which is currently mine, has actually the same mag problem. The original mag literally fell apart in my hand at some point while ns was in ~ the range. Ns ordered a replacement mag indigenous Brownells and it likes come FTE the first shot or two, climate shoots well after that. Ns never got the well tuning done just right ~ above the new mag, so i don"t usage the pistol because that my go-to for self defense. Native what I have actually read, the H-D military model was emerged to carefully match the layout & weight and also feel of a 1911 45 Cal. The story is that there was a shortage of 1911"s and also 45 ammo for training purposes in WWll, so this H-D model was supplied instead. Over there was..maybe tho is...a High typical forum that is simply for High Standards...that was very active. I haven"t been there for numerous years so i don"t know around it"s current state.