Mellivora capensis, much better known by the adorably badass (badorably?) nickname the “honey badger” is one of the internet’s favourite animals. Perhaps you’ve watched that YouTube video clip all around the “crazy nastyass love husband badger” or the Cracked post it stole every its research study from; either way, you’ve likely heard that the honey badger, merely put, don’t care. Here are 10 lesser recognized facts about the pet that both confirms this and proves that if a honey badger really wanted to, it could headbutt your home to dust to steal your girlfriend.

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10. They’re machete proof


The love husband badger is an animal that seemingly has actually no qualms around attacking pets many time its own size and is supposedly near-impossible to kill in hand-to-badger combat. In fact, farmers in Africa, wherein the pet lives, keep in mind that the only method to guarantee a death on an upset honey badger acquiring all up in your company is come hit that square in the challenge with a machete or shotgun blast. Anything else will merely reason the animal to obtain angry and also go to town on her balls v its large badger claws. That’s not hyperbole, by the why, and we’ll explain why soon.

The love husband badger’s extremely hardiness greatly stems indigenous it’s special hide, i m sorry is said to be both arrow and also spear proof come the point African tribes won’t bother to try hunting them. On optimal of this, love husband badger skin is an extremely loose, enabling the animal to turn about inside its own skin if it’s ever grabbed through the scruff of the neck, a weak point on many lesser animals. The honey badger to know this and also has to be observed intentionally letting pets like jaguars and also lions grab the this method so it can turn around and attack the animal’s exposed neck or eyes. Which might sound like a cheap tactic until you learn that…

9. They walk for the balls


For reasons that evolution biologists can’t adequately explain, honey badgers it seems ~ to have actually a specific tendency to walk for the balls as soon as attacking pets larger 보다 themselves, many notably lions and humans.

Hunters, trackers, and others that make your living trying out the African bush fear the animal over all others and also there space many, many anecdotal story from those who’ve had actually run-ins through the pet reporting very matter the factly that it appears to instinctively “go because that the balls.”

The animal’s reputation for emasculating lions by law badger combos anywhere their sacks is so renowned that male lions will proactively avoid the creature in the wild in spite of the difference in your size and also strength. This no sit well through the honey badger, who in solution goes the end of its way to…

8. Assault lions, for no details reason

In the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation center in Africa there is an 18-year-old (a reasonably old period for the species) friendly love husband badger dubbed Stoffel who became something that a celebrity once handlers revealed that he’d repetitively escaped from his enclosure just to assault a group of lions (which he of course did by biting your balls). Handlers explained that Stoffel’s actions were really stressful for the lions, which attacked him in self-defense, sending the small geriatric badger come the hospital. Currently for most animals, being mauled by a team of lions would placed them off, yet Stoffel had his great badger heritage to honor so as soon as he obtained out the the hospital he as soon as again escaped his enclosure to attack the lions a 2nd time.

When handlers placed Stoffel in a brand-new cage purposely developed to contain him, that escaped through convincing a female honey badger to open the door for him due to the fact that Stoffel is both a lover and also a fighter, apparently. When they double-locked the gate, Stoffel climbed a tree and jumped over the fence to go raid the center’s kitchens and attack one eagle. Once they gotten rid of the trees he dug up a bunch that rocks, rolled them every to one edge of his enclosure in a huge pile and also used that to scale the fence. This resulted in his handlers to obtain pretty annoyed and in solution they gotten rid of everything from Stoffel’s cage except the bare dirt. Seeing this together a challenge, Stoffel take it the dirt rolled it all up into a huge ball, hopped the fence again and then broke into his handlers house for an excellent measure.

Oh great, together if being able to an outbreak of any type of prison wasn’t scary enough, what v the going for the balls thing, love husband badgers can likewise break into places, too. Also, for anyone thinking that Stoffel is an especially smart instance of a honey badger, he’s in reality pretty typical and even wild love husband badgers have actually been observed…

7. Making use of tools, mostly to facilitate murder

By the way, the badger in the video right above this? That’s Stoffel, showing off his escape prowess. Anyway, honey badgers choose Stoffel space remarkably smart and are among only a couple of creatures on planet known to manipulate tools. For example, in the wild honey badgers are well-known to roll huge logs roughly to usage as makeshift actions to rise trees or assist scale fences. In bondage honey badgers will closely observe their enclosure searching for weaknesses, like velociraptors, but more fuzzy.

This has actually resulted in verifiable examples of love husband badgers opening entrances that have actually been bolted shut and also in the aforementioned case the Stoffel, using collaboration to bypass protection measures. What renders this scarier is that in nearly every instance of a love husband badger using devices it’s noted that the animal practically always go so to either gain closer to food or when in captivity, so the they could go strike other animals, definition they learned to usage tools just to kill and also maim things.

6. Cheetahs jack your style

Few creatures on the african savannah would ever before willingly or knowingly strike a love husband badger, also with number on your side. There are recorded examples of love husband badgers effortlessly backhanding their way through groups of lions without injury because they were in your way. Since of this, many pets will instinctively protect against the distinctive white strip of the love husband badger choose a shotgun-wielding rich boy looking come score one Instagram selfie.

The figure of a honey badger is supposedly so popular that the theorized that cheetahs have specifically progressed to resemble them once born, and are born with a white strip of hair along your backs. Come explain, a infant cheetah is born with a white stripe of hair along its back, miscellaneous an adult doesn’t have and quickly grows out of and also sheds as it matures. A popular theory about why this is the situation is the it makes the infant cheetah to resemble one adult honey badger from a distance, i m sorry for reasons this short article hopefully makes pretty clear, not many animals would ever assault unless desperate.

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In other words, there’s strong evidence the cheetahs – an animal that might respond to any kind of threat to its young by sprint-lunging at 60 mph directly at the attacker’s throat – camouflages that is young together a little badger because other animals see that as an ext dangerous to attack that than the baby of the fastest land based predator top top Earth.