I don"t understand the "grade-school guys don"t favor girls" trope. Probably I"m strange, yet I"ve constantly liked girls, even in primary school school. In fact, i think my an initial kiss was in 4th grade; it was on the playground, and my first "girlfriend" and also I to be smooching behind the swings throughout recess. We got in trouble, but who cared? due to the fact that then, though, I"ve gotten an ext discerning around who and where ns kiss. (What walk that have to do through Honey, ns Shrunk The Kids? Patience, my friend. It"ll all make feeling in a second.)In mine young mind, just a few things ranked with girls in terms of greatness: comic books, pizza, and movies. Ns loved every sorts the movies, yet I an especially loved Disney films (just favor today). I had a large collection the Disney VHS tapes, and I watched them come death. So, when my mom carried home a copy the Honey, i Shrunk The Kids, ns was excited. I automatically popped it right into the VHS player and settled in to watch.Within a few minutes, ns was entirely invested in the film. I was the many receptive audience the filmmakers can have wished for. Monitor the shrunken Szalinski and also Thompson kids across the Szalinskis"s backyard? That"s chicken feed. I would certainly have adhered to them halfway throughout the world.Why? I"ll present you:
I was in love. Amy O"Neill, and also her character Amy Szalinski, had become my method into the movie. When she danced through her mop, i longed come trade locations with the mop. When she nearly drowned in the sprinkler water, i was top top the leaf of my seat. Huge stop-motion ants? Who needed that once you had actually THIS?

Needless come say, ns watched that VHS till I wore it the end (literally). Likewise needless come say, my mom was less than ready to buy an additional copy the the movie. Mine Honey, i Shrunk The children watching to be over.

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Flash forward to a pair days ago. I had bought a DVD copy of the movie year ago, however it had actually been sitting on the shelf, gathering dust. However, I had bought a pizza because that dinner, and also I essential a movie to keep me company while ns dined. My eyes involved rest ~ above HISTK, and also I figured, Why not? ns hadn"t viewed it due to the fact that I to be a kid. I popped the DVD into the player and settled back with my dinner. I wasn"t in love with Amy anymore (I"m too old come find teens attractive), but the movie was still really good! Like, better-than-I-remembered good.
And that, after ~ that long introduction, is what bring us right here today: what keepsHoney, ns Shrunk The children from acquiring old?

If you"re unfamiliar through HISTK, here"s what you have to know. Wayne Szalinski, an inventor, stays in a quiet suburb v his wife, Diane, and his two kids, Nick and Amy. Wayne"s obsessed with perfecting his shrink ray, which, if the works, will acquire him a huge grant. Unfortunately, his continuous tinkering is putting a strain on his marriage, and also the noise is upsetting his next-door neighbors, the Thompsons. The patriarch the the Thompsons, Russell "Big Russ" Thompson, is specifically upset around this. Huge Russ also worries about his son, "Little Russ," who doesn"t take interest in fishing or football. Instead, tiny Russ prefers to lounge around and also admire Amy Szalinski indigenous afar.
When the Thompsons"s younger son, Ron, access time a baseball with the Szalinskis"s attic window, the activates the shrink ray. The beam goes berserk, shrinking whatever in sight. The four youngsters are unaware the this and also blindly wander into the attic, whereby they"re shrunk. As soon as Wayne coincidentally sweeps the children up and throws castle out through the trash, they have to journey throughout the jungle that is the Szalinski"s backyard in order to get to the shrink ray and also become full-sized again. Along the way, they fly on gigantic bees, combat flying sprinkler water, accomplish giant ants and scorpions, and practically get mulched through the lawn mower.

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So, now, us come ago to the million-dollar question: what provides Honey, i Shrunk The kids good?Let"s take this one piece at a time:

Nothing fancy, but there"s nothing wrong v that! The screenplay functions a solid, sturdy three-act structure. It"s basic to see each the the beats the movie hits; in fact, the movie almost announces when its reached the midpoint (it"s when the kids reach the middle of the backyard). The story moves along at a kind pace; nothing"s rushed, however the film"s not boring, either. The dialogue"s not dazzling, but there are decent currently peppered throughout the film.
CASTING: Rick Moranis is great as Wayne Szalinski; the treads the fine line between being goofy and also being a involved dad, and he walk a good job. The rest of the actors are an excellent enough, i guess. The four kid actors space decent, but they"re nothing special. I"m inclined come give more credit come the script for offering us likable characters than to the acting. The actors space watchable, though!
CINEMATOGRAPHY: I was really interested in this. I imagine it have to be difficult to light stop-motion scenes and also miniatures, and there are a TON of lock in this movie. However, the camera crew walk a an excellent job. I specifically liked the lighting in the backyard scenes; they were lit and shot together if they to be scenes in a Tarzan flick, through the light shooting between the chisels of grass and also casting shadows. I assumed that was cool!

SPECIAL EFFECTS: Oh, exactly how I love stop-motion! I particularly love it when it"s provided to match a live-action film; it offers the movie a retro feel, and I love it! This movie features a ton that stop-motion, particularly with all the insects the children encounter. My favorite SFX step is the duel between the ant and also the scorpion; it"s shot and edited in a kinetic, interesting way, and also the character motion is for this reason fluid!
MUSIC: I dislike to say this, however James Horner can have excellent FAR better than this. His score strikes me together a tiny too bombastic and a little too loud. It"s do the efforts too tough to journey the excited home, and also it wasn"t really functioning for me. However, this was relatively early in Horner"s career, so I"m willing to cut him part slack. That went top top to be great, after all!
Overall, I"d to speak the manuscript is the saving grace of HISTK. It"s for this reason solidly structured and packed through likable characters that that carries the components of the movie that room lacking. Is it a masterpiece? No, but it"s a lot of fun. If you"ve gained dinner and you"re searching for a movie to clock while girlfriend eat, it"s much more than fine!
What carry out you think that the movie? Agree? Disagree? desire to laugh in ~ me and my childhood crushes? go ahead and do therefore in the comments below!