You an initial have to recognize your Laptop’s dimension if you room looking to purchase a new laptop bag from digital retailers or sew your laptop case.If you desire to know how large is a 14 inch laptop, you must know how to calculation laptop size because you don’t desire to waste your money as soon as you purchase the wrong dimension of a laptop bag the won’t to the right in your bag later.Your yes, really laptop dimension can finest be measure by diagonally measuring your band roughly the Laptop. The measurement consists of the bezel, the box around the screen.So, how do girlfriend measure your laptop?In this tutorial, I’ll present you step by step How large Is a 14 inch Laptop so the you can always select the suitable laptop-size bag.

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How big is a 14 inch laptop? Is it large enough?

A 14-inch laptop is devoted not only in the dimension of the laptop however for the complying with reasons:


Laptops are designed to be transported as your system, therefore it’s far better if you sweet less. A heavy machine needs a much more robust backpack and also a lot of power for a continual commuter.Being a smaller sized version, it has a lower chance of shocks or exterior impacts. This reduced weight certainly adds a 14-inch laptop lip.


And if girlfriend don’t have a desk, it’s a massive problem with a heavier and larger laptop. A larger laptop is not only susceptible to shock but additionally tends to wear girlfriend while you’re standing on her legs. 14-inch laptops are optimized to be transported due to the fact that they space too compact.

Working faster:

A compact display is a cakewalk v data and also lines. The key-board has generally no number pads top top the next that could obstruct the rate of type.Read Also: Best Laptop for Bioinformatics review & Buyer’s GuideHowever, it fits perfectly in the chassis to carry out the finest typeface experience. Working far better with a perfect optimized keyboard would it is in undemanding.

Pixel density: 

 The screen sizes ~ above both laptop computers are likewise optimized, however the display screen size is a far-ranging factor in the pixel distribution.The 15.6-inches Laptop has a bigger display, however the pixel distribution is worse because that the exact same resolution. In contrast, pixels are packaged very closely into a smaller sized panel in a 14-inch laptop to carry out a richer experience.

Battery life: 

The monitor offers the calculation to decide the battery life of any type of computer, even if it is it is a laptop or cell phone device. Battery life: working on a more miniature computer would not lead to as much battery drain as in a 15.6-inch laptop for longer durations.Read Also: Best Laptop for Pro devices Buying guide & Reviews14-inch laptops regularly have much reduced high-grade specs because of insufficient body room and require much less battery usage.

Size graph laptop would favor to help you discover your laptop and tablet computer sleeve/bag in the right size. We carry out resources on this page to discover out How huge is a 14 customs laptop?.Laptops and also tablets are obtainable in various screen sizes. The dimension of the display screen is customs (1″) or centimeter (1″); 1 customs (also 1″) amounts to 2.54 cm. You might weigh your tablet or Laptop if you are unsure of your Laptop or tablet size. Make certain you calculate the screen edge too!

Check the size chart listed below for the correct size after measuring your laptop/tablet:Diagonal laptop/tablet (cm)Diagonal laptop/tablet (inch)25,40 cm10 inch27,94 cm11 inch30,48 cm12 inch33,02 cm13 inch35,56 cm14 inch38,10 cm15 inch40,64 cm16 inch43,18 cm17 inch45,72 cm18 inch48,26 cm19 inch50,80 cm20 inch
Source: laptop/tablet should be diagonally measured indigenous the bottom left come the peak right, as presented below.Hey, if you desire to to buy a laptop bag and also want to measure laptop size, then follow me in this guide.

How to Buy a Laptop Bag virtual for the 14-inch Laptop

If you select to repurchase a laptop bag from digital retailers, the dimensions you get from her Laptop can be used.It would help if you looked at the length and also width the the case, for example, as soon as you are in search of a laptop backpack because the Laptop is sitting vertically from north to south.Now, from ours previous tutorial, you deserve to use her Laptop’s width and depth measurements.The width measurement you have actually is the same as the backpack length. The same applies to the depth calculation, which is equal to the laptop backpack width.Read Also: Best Laptop because that Silhouette Cameo – Buyer’s GuideLikewise, if she planning to acquisition a laptop message bag or tote, the measurement of the laptop bags is horizontal (West to East).Take the broad measurement together a horizontal dimension and also the depth measurement as the laptop messenger bag’s elevation dimension.Choosing the wrong dimension of a laptop bag will damage your Laptop due to the fact that your Laptop does not fit right into the bag correctly.If you have actually a laptop of 14 inches in size however keep the in a more oversized bag, her laptop section deserve to not keep the Laptop and secure it because of too lot room.

Laptop Bag dimension Guideline

Here are some of the most famous questions about the size of the bags your laptops will constantly have:Which laptop bag do I require for a laptop 14-inch?What is the dimension of a 14-inch laptop sleeve?Will a laptop 14 customs fit right into a 14-inch case?Can a 17 inch” Laptop fit right into a 15″ bag?What size execute I require for my laptop backpack?What is the laptop width?It is difficult to tell girlfriend the specific answer due to the fact that it depends on the bags’ size, and design.Different manufacturers have actually their standards for measurement.Each bag has information around the size of a laptop.So for your referral below, I created the laptop size reminder table.Please store in mind the you take it the diagonal line measurement of her Laptop and compare it v the listing data.You have actually to add additional centimetres (or inches) come the measure to complement the exterior material around the Laptop.If required, transform measurement values from inches to centimetres due to the fact that some digital retailers perform cm.For the ideal scale, please describe the adhering to table:Diagonal laptop (inch)Diagonal laptop (cm)Size Laptop Bag to select (inch)Example of Laptops can Be to the right In11″27.94 cm11″MacBook air 1112″30.48 cm12″MacBook 12 inch12.5″31.75 cm12″Xiaomi wait 12.5 inch laptop13.3″33.78 cm13″MacBook 13 inch14.1″35.81 cm14″Any windows 14.1-inch laptop14.6″37.08 cm14″Any Brand 14.6-inch laptop15″38.10 cm15″MacBook agree 15.4 customs laptop15.6″39.62 cm15″Any Brand 15 – 15.6-inch laptop17.3″43.94 cm17″Any 17.3-inch laptop
Source: The table above is just a turbulent guideline.

FAQs ― How large is a 14 inch laptop

In general, a 14-inch laptop is smaller, make it an ext portable. It, in turn, makes transportation much more straightforward. In other words, a 14-inch laptop is perfect for civilization travelling a lot and working on your way.
The size of the display screen does not issue as lengthy as it has actually decent resolution; full HD 1920 x 1080 is in ~ minimum. In her case, a 14-inch laptop need to work perfectly. The ideal setup to find for this day is i5 or i7 sixth or seventh generation.
A 15.6-inch screen means that the diagonal length of the display screen is 15.6 inches. Most laptops have a 16:9 facet ratio display. You might substitute the numbers within the formula for different screen sizes and aspect ratios. A 15.6-inch screen means that the diagonal length is 15.6 inches.
A smaller ultrabook is feasible for regular travellers, but you’ll most likely want to go for a continuous laptop through a 13.3 or 14-inch screen. When you hardly ever leave your residence with your system, consider a 15.6-inch display screen image model.

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ConclusionThe over was a definitive list of reasons for optimizing a 14-inch screen on a laptop. No only deserve to a smaller display make a difference, however even a 14-inch laptop screen can be deduced come be large enough.Read More:How lengthy Does a Gaming Laptop Last?How To affix Dell Laptop come WiFi Solved10 ideal Laptops for Revit