Scotland is the 2nd largest nation in great Britain. It is bordered top top the west and north by the Atlantic Ocean; ~ above the eastern by the north Sea and on the south by England.

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The nationwide symbols are the Thistle (left) and also blue flag through Saltire (Saint Andrew’s Cross) right

Area: 78,789 sq kilometres (30,420 sq miles) consisting of the islands. About twice the dimension of the Netherlands and practically the very same size as south Carolina in the US. Scotland counts 787 archipelago from which approximately 130 room inhabited.

Size: Scotland steps 441 kilometres (274 miles) from phibìc to south. From eastern to west it different from 38.8 km to 248 km. The in its entirety coastline including the islands is 10,000 km! (69% that the complete UK coastline)

Population: about 5,2 million (january 2002)

Density: 64 human being per sq km (166 every sq mile)

language: English, Scots and Gaelic

Capital: Edinburgh

Scottish cities and also inhabitants: Glasgow (581,320) – Edinburgh (454,280) – Dundee (142,070) – Aberdeen (183,030) – Perth (44,820) – Inverness (44,220) – Stirling (42,710)

Major towns and also inhabitants: Paisley – 74,100, east Kilbride – 73,200, Livingston – 54,740, Cumbernauld – 50,480, Hamilton – 48,900, Kirkcaldy – 48,630, Dunfermline – 46,430,Ayr – 46,070, Kilmarnock – 44,390

Politics:Queen (of the UK): Queen Elizabeth IIFirst Minister of Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon

Currency: lb Sterling consists of the complying with coins: 1p,2p,5p,10p,20p,50p,£1,£2 and also notes: £5, £10, £20, £50, £100In most countries, the issue of banknotes is the exclusive rights of the government and also its main bank. In Scotland, however, for historical reasons three of the Scottish financial institutions continue to practice a privilege which very first came around in the 17th century.

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These banks and also their notes room the financial institution of Scotland, the Royal financial institution of Scotland and also the Clydesdale financial institution

Religions: majority of the human being (3,3 million) are christian. Churches: Church the Scotland (Presbyterian), Scottish Episcopal Church, roman Catholicism.

Highest Point: Ben Nevis 1,343m

Lowest point: Loch Morar (310 metres deep)

Longest river: river Tay 193 km

Shortest river(s): flow Morar and Scavaig river on Skye, both a few hundred metres