Study the phenomena that ferromagnetism, anti-ferromagnetism, and also paramagnetism and additionally how temperature affect the magnetic properties

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HENRY: This is a neodymium magnet. It"s nice darn strong. And now, after heater it in a flame, it"s no much longer magnetic. What simply happened? Well, to develop a magnet, all you need to do is discover a bunch that magnetic atoms-- that"s easy, they"re the ones through the half-filled electron shells in the center of any of the significant blocks that the periodic table-- and also then do a compound where the magnetic fields of the atom align in the exact same direction. This is ferromagnetism, called after iron, i m sorry is quite darn magnetic. However, it"s not constantly so easy. Periodically the atom actually desire to align your magnetic fields in alternating directions. This is dubbed anti-ferromagnetism, and it means the bulk material won"t have actually a magnetic ar at all. Or periodically the tendency of the atom magnets come align or anti-align is simply too weak to get over their intrinsic jiggling-- the is, their temperature. In i beg your pardon case, also though every the individual atom in the product are magnetic, the material as a whole, again, isn"t. However, in a strong external magnetic field, the atoms perform tend come align v each various other in the direction parallel to the field. This is dubbed paramagnetism, and liquid oxygen is a great example. It"s attractive by a magnet, despite it doesn"t stay magnetized afterwards. However let"s get earlier to the question-- just how do you damage a magnet? Well, a material can only it is in ferromagnetic if the temperature is low enough. Over a particular point, the unique ordered atomic magnetic areas melt into disorder, simply as ice crystals melt right into water as soon as heated past 0 Celsius. So to destroy a magnet, you simply need to warm it up previous its magnetic melting point, dubbed the Curie temperature. It most likely won"t watch like lot is happening, yet once the atoms room jiggling around enough, their magnetic areas will no much longer all allude in the very same direction. Magnet destroyed. And just as different aspects melt from solid to fluid at different temperatures, they additionally melt from being ferromagnetic come paramagnetic at various temperatures, which you can check out in this sweet, interactive routine table, which likewise plays all the periodic table of videos. PROFESSOR: We"re going to start with one experiment come illustrate--
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