The uninhibited Motley Crue bassist revealed previously this month the he"s expecting a infant girl v his wife Courtney Bingham, 33, who is five months pregnant. 

"I number I"m going to be on an IV drip by the moment she"s 20," Sixx jokes. 

The news come as a surprise to plenty of fans of the "80s absent icon, who underwent a vasectomy adhering to his 2007 divorce from his second wife, actress Donna D"Errico, with who he share a teenage daughter. He likewise has three children with his first wife, Playboy model Brandi Brandt, every one of whom room in their 20s. 

"I was once married come someone called Satan, and I said, "I"m not going come live the rest of my life in court fighting over child support, so i don"t ever before want to do this again," " Sixx says of his decision to acquire a vasectomy. 

But that adjusted when he met Bingham, whom he married in 2014. 

"I remember thinking, "I miss those days, i miss being a dad, " states Sixx, who was increased in mountain Jose, California, through his single mom and also grandparents ~ his dad left. "I didn"t have a father, and I constantly loved gift a father. It"s an itch i can"t scratch. My children are older, and I have actually a great relationship v them."

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The choice then was whether he should gain the vasectomy reversed "and simply take shots in the dark, hoping she gets pregnant," that continues. However at the time, he to be touring through his band, Sixx:A.M., and also working ~ above the upcoming stage musical adaptation the his 2007 memoir, "The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered rock Star." 

"I to be like, "It really requirements to be much more planned out since I want to be here for my wife, and I desire to be right here for everything," Sixx says. Therefore he opted to experience a sperm-retrieval procedure, and he and also Bingham used artificial insemination to conceive.

"They just had actually to take it it out of me – that"s no party gaining your (testicles) cut open," that laughs. "Getting your (testicles) cut open is like being in Motley Crue in 1987," as soon as the tape was partying also hard, and also he virtually died that a heroin overdose. "It"s the same feeling.

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But now she"s pregnant, and we"re super excited."

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Sixx released new single "The Dirt" featuring an equipment Gun Kelly last week, which marks Motley Crue"s very first song together since disbanding in 2015. The monitor is taken native the group"s upcoming biopic that the very same name, premiering top top Netflix march 22.