Texas indigenous Sandy Duncan has had a can-do mindset her totality life. And her attitude got a an increase after she winner over legendary choreographer Agnes de Mille for a 1966 NYC rebirth of Carousel. “I didn’t think I could do it and also I go it,” she specifically told Closer Weekly in the magazine’s recent issue, top top newsstands now. “It gave me confidence the if I functioned hard enough I might do miscellaneous .” 

Since then, Sandy’s career has spanned films (including 1971’s Star Spangled Girl, for which she earn a gold Globe nomination), TV sitcoms, and also Broadway, wherein she memorably played Peter Pan.

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Sandy and also her boy Jeffrey. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Congrats on 60 years in showbiz! What have you to be up to?

I wouldn’t call it retired. I have performed since I to be 12, however I nothing commit to eight mirrors a week in ~ 72 since you need to really love the material to perform something for prolonged time, like a year on Broadway. I simply haven’t check out anything that’s blown me away. So if someone provides me a limited engagement, it is what ns do, and I gained to execute Love Letters .

How have actually you persevered all this time?

It had actually something to do with luck and also determination. The work was hard, yet the development of my career was incredibly easy. I dislike to recognize it!

What project of yours execute people bring up to you most often?

A lot of people associate me v Peter Pan, yet they couldn’t have actually all checked out it! ns did the in 1979 come 1981 for around 1,000 mirrors — and also I didn’t miss a solitary one.


Sandy as Peter Pan. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

That’s great! after you increased to call on the stage, what made you want to carry out TV?

Nothing. I was doing a <1970> Broadway musical dubbed The young Friend. Some civilization from Disney came and I got a movie called Million dissension Duck. I went the end to LA to do it with no mental to continue to be there. Movies weren’t mine dream and weren’t what ns was trained come do. 

Then in 1971, I obtained the TV series Funny Face, got a mind tumor, and also had the surgery, then went earlier to the show. They revamped that The Sandy Duncan Show> so ns didn’t have such a hard schedule.

How did you understand you to be ill?

During the last 2 episodes of Funny Face, ns was having excruciating headaches and also kept saying, “Something’s yes, really wrong.” world would say, “It’s stress,” and also they simply kept sending out me come doctors. I was therefore sick I could barely walk, but I perfect .

Who ultimately figured the out?

I go home and my household eye medical professional from as soon as I to be 10 said, “Honey, yes sir something going on behind your eye. It’s beginning to protrude. Obtain some exam done.” the was before the work of CT scans and MRIs, so they literally took the top of mine head turn off for 10 hours and found this big tumor fastened on the orbit of mine left eye. They take it the tumor and orbit out, and I lost vision in my eye.


Sandy in 1974. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

That must have actually been traumatic

I remained in never-never land for sure. A many of world ask, “Why me?” and also go into this pity party thing. Luckily, i didn’t. Girlfriend just have to keep plugging along. I can complain a lot, though, so ns guess the balances it out.

And how is your wellness now?

I am going to have actually surgery to assistance the eye. V time, that starts come recess since there’s nothing hold it, therefore there’s a absence of symmetry now. Great me luck!

You’ve gained it! just how did this wellness crisis adjust your life once you were at first diagnosed and being treated? 

My first husband to be a brilliant rock ‘n’ roll singer, however we were simply too different. Us were only married for three years once the tumor point happened and also I thought, i can’t die and be married come this man. Then as soon as I remained in the hospital ns met a doctor that was yes, really gorgeous! us were married seven-something years but, again, it to be a mismatch, so ns left.

How did you accomplish Don?

He join a nightclub act that I’d placed together. After ~ all the time we invested dancing in rehearsals, we didn’t have any type of romantic interest. But then it take it off due to the fact that we preferred being together. 2 years later we got married.


Sandy and her husband (right) dance together. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

What provides you two work?

We’re straightforward with every other and we laugh a entirety lot. Us have similar interests and have done a totality bunch of shows. We’ve functioned together therefore much and because we’re dancers, i flip and also he catches me. There’s trust affiliated in ours relationship, and also he’s never dropped me yet!

How are your sons doing this days? 

My oldest, Jeffrey, is going down to carry out on a couple of Disney people cruises. And Michael functions in advertising insurance. He acquired married 2 years earlier to this remarkable woman and they just bought a house. News break: even Michael doesn’t know this, but we’re considering relocating to an area in brand-new Jersey close to him in about a year.

After you started your own household with Don in the early on ’80s, friend famously replaced Valerie Harper in 1987 top top her present Valerie, which to be renamed The Hogan Family. Was the awkward ~ above set?

It to be a breeze. It was lovely from day one. I hit the off with the totality cast.

Did you ever before meet Valerie?

I didn’t at every until three years earlier at a red carpet event, once she was having all her health issues. she’s still alive and also kicking. She come over and said, “I can’t think we haven’t met after every these years!” i said, “I know!” and we hugged.

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‘The Hogan Family’ cast. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

What room the benefits to this stage of her life?

Until recently, i was part of that career world and stressed a lot, because that’s what friend do once you’re working and also you have actually kids. Things don’t uncomfortable me as much now. I offered to issue a good deal around what somebody thought, however not anymore.

Could you price your mood now from 1 come 10?

I’d say around an 8. Depression is a an extremely real component of my life, constantly has been, but luckily no often. At among my short points i made a list of civilization I’ve worked with: Danny Kaye! Ginger Rogers! ice cream Crosby! that made me realize i’ve been really blessed on plenty of levels. 

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