It always amazed me to think the Sirius black color somehow (allegedly) came to be the an initial person (at the moment of the third book) to escape from Azkaban.Now, ns can"t yes, really remember precisely what wake up in the publications (read it year ago) but I have actually a vague feeling that it was not particularly explained.

Did he gain help? go he pull a Shawshank Redemption? to be I simply forgetting a significant plot point, choose OOTP break him the end somehow without the set knowing about it?

Is there any canon explanation of exactly how Sirius regulated to escape native Azkaban Prison? i m sorry is a high security, magical, dementor infested prison; no to cite a prison filled with death Eaters who most likely despise him and also would definitely shot to prevent his escape.

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Sirius defines in the 3rd or fourth publication that the believed of his innocence and also revenge kept him indigenous being influenced by the Dementors. He later on says that he got a daily Prophet and saw Peterpettigrew after that he knew he had to escape for this reason he did.Quoted from the bother Potter prize wikia:

His expertise of his innocence enabled him to maintain his powers and sanity. "One night, as soon as (the Dementors) opened up my door to bring food, i slipped previous them together a dog. It"s so lot harder for them come sense pet emotions that they were perplexed ... Ns was thin sufficient to slip with the bars. Ns swam together a dog ago to the mainland. Ns journeyed north and slipped into the hogwarts grounds as a dog. I"ve been living in the Forest ever since." prisoner of Azkaban; chapter "The servant of mr Voldemort"

This Quote is from the take care of Potter wikia, but its sort of conjectural(at least the article said that), that matches the other answers though

In 1993, Sirius black color escaped from Azkaban after see Scabbers in a day-to-day Prophet article, of the file Cornelius Fudge provided him, in July 1993, recognising him as his traitorous previous friend Peter Pettigrew. By 1 August, black color took advantage of his too much weight loss come slip v his cell door in his Animagus dog type (which was unregistered, therefore the to adjust did no take prepare against) when the Dementors to be bringing in his food and swam across the phibìc Sea to discover Pettigrew.<2>Black to be able to keep his sanity because of his expertise of his innocence, a non-happy believed that the Dementors could not take. It was just this that enabled him to preserve his strength to transform, and also what made the escape possible.

This escape was the only well-known unaided escape, and officially the very first one in Azkaban history (until Barty Crouch Jr."s escape was revealed). Black was facing the Dementor"s Kiss as punishment have to he ever before be recaptured, despite he ultimately eluded the Ministry, and his name was cleared quickly after his death at the hand of Bellatrix Lestrange in the room of Mysteries.

And this link is come a concern from the movies stack exchange-