In Spanish, there are multiple verbs for the single, English verb ‘to leave’. Together you learn Spanish, you’ll find this wake up for countless verbs and also they’re not constantly interchangeable. This is the case with ‘to leave’ and also in this article, we’ll look at the 3 most usual verbs for ‘to leave’: dejar, salir and also irse.

So what’s the difference in between Dejar, Salir, and Irse? Dejar means to leave something or someone behind, cease functioning or attending an college (i.e. Quitting a task or school). Salir is to leave as in exiting, going the end or departing. Irse is the Spanish verb because that to leave from a place or to go away.

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For many brand-new Spanish speakers, it’s difficult to know when to choose the exactly verb for ‘leave’. As you deserve to see, there would certainly be some instances where friend would should use irse instead that dejar or salir. listed below we are going to present you the different instances to use each verb correctly. By the finish of this post, you will have a stronger expertise of when and how to usage them.

What’s the difference between Dejar, Salir, and Irse?


In this situation, it’s really unlikely the this human being will go back to their city. The only thing that helped us to identify the real meaning of irse was the details we obtained from the sentence.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we witnessed the difference in between dejar, salir, and irse, and we learned when to usage them come say to leave. As point out above, this Spanish words have actually a slightly various meaning; thus, you can’t usage them interchangeably. Simply remember these an essential points:

Dejar means:

To cease attending or functioning for an institution. To leaving someone or other behind. Remember that once talking about a human you require to add the preposition ‘a’ (i.e. Dejar a).To walk the end on somebody. Don’t forget the preposition. To keep or leaving something on.

Salir means:

To leave (exit) a confined ar like a building, vehicle, etc. As soon as expressing the location you left, add the preposition ‘de‘ (i.e. Salir de). Come express leaving as a departure. It goes v transportation nouns choose trains, airplanes, bus, etc.

Irse means:

To go away. To leaving a place. Don’t forget about adding the preposition ‘de‘ (i.e. Irse de).

Marcharse means:

To leave a location for good/permanently. It’s very likely that the human being won’t return.

Related Questions

How to say ‘leave now’ in Spanish? Vete ya, Vete ahora, Ya vete. These are various variations to say ‘leave now’ in Spanish. The expressions room in the imperative type of the verb Irse.

What go irse de pinta mean? It’s a mexican expression to skip classes.

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Depending on the city girlfriend visit, part Mexicans will use hacerse la pinta.