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Why is it crucial to study the most advantageous Italian compliments? nothing makes people feel an ext important, appreciated, and great about themselves 보다 compliments. By complimenting a girl, a friend, or a cook for their very good food, you set out to a good start in any type of relationship. No to cite that the occasional compliment is one indispensable part of polite conversations.

First of all, let’s remember that the 2 most an easy Italian compliments room bello/a (“beautiful,” “nice” ) and also bravo/a (“good,” “able” ). We’ll see how they deserve to be provided in various ways, and also how you have the right to fare bella figura, or “make a an excellent impression,” utilizing these common Italian compliments and also praise words.

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Table of Contents

1. Ciao bella! Complimenting Someone’s Look

Italians have the right to be very certain about looks, and also they’ll definitely an alert a who hairstyle, tan, and also clothing choices and comment about it. This have the right to be a actual compliment or just a way to—subtly—point out if other is off… however don’t worry. What problem is gift able to graciously accept and respond come the compliments.


Che bel gattino! (“What a cute tiny cat!” )

By far, the most typical compliment in Italian is bello (“beautiful,” “nice” ), which deserve to be used to both compliment a who look and also to prayer an object’s or animal’s appearance.

Sei una bella ragazza. (“You room a beautiful girl.” )Sei un bel ragazzo. (“You room a handsome boy.” )Hai una bella macchina! (“She has a nice car.” )Puffi è un bel gattino! (“Puffi is a cute tiny cat.” )

Notice just how the adjective bello has actually the particularity that its ending transforms depending on just how the following word starts, as with the identify article, together follows:

La ragazza >> bella ragazzaIl ragazzo >> bel ragazzo

Compliment paragraph in Italian have the right to take different forms:

Come sei carino/a!(“How cute girlfriend are!” )Che begli occhi!(“What beautiful eyes!” )Quanto sei elegante!(“How elegant girlfriend are!” )

Notice just how you can start a compliment in Italian with one of these conjunctions:

Come (“How” )Che (“What,” yet literally “that” )Quanto (“How,” but literally “how much” )

Now, receiving compliments is all too nice, but there likewise exists a entirety different aspect of complimenting someone’s look. This is the—rather annoying—compliments come passing women in the street. This is, unfortunately, a exercise quite common in Italy, especially in the past. Nowadays, things space slowly transforming and Italian men have started to realize the random compliments native a stranger space not welcome. So, if you’re a mrs visiting Italy, be all set that you can receive some undesirable compliments ~ above the street, and try to protect against the usual Italian cascamorto (“skirt-chaser” ).

2. Complimenti! Complimenting Someone’s Work

Cooperation and partnership in the workplace are very important. So make certain you know exactly how to compliment a job well done, a good performance, or a excellent idea.


Ottimo lavoro! (“Great work!” )

Hai fatto un bel lavoro.(“You go a great job.” )Che progetto ben fatto.(“What a well-made project.” )Bellissima presentazione. (“Very great presentation.” )Ottima idea.(“Great idea.” )Complimenti.(“Congratulations.” )Congratulazioni.(“Congratulations.” )

We’ve seen exactly how the Italian native bello is provided to refer to aesthetic beauty, however in this case, the can also refer to something the is an excellent quality-wise.

As you deserve to see, there room two various Italian compliment words to express “Congratulations,” and also they’re offered in different contexts:

Complimenti is offered to praise somebody that behaved well, happen an examination, or completed some other accomplishment: Complimenti every la presentazione, è stata veramente interessante. (“Congratulations top top the presentation; that was yes, really interesting.” )

Congratulazioni is offered for promotions, marriages, or having actually a baby: Ho saputo che hai avuto una promozione. Congratulazioni! (“I heard you got a promotion. Congratulations!” )

3. Bravo! Complimenting Someone’s Skills



Have you ever been to a concert or a play? have actually you ever before been to Teatro alla Scala in Milan? at the finish of a performance, if the present was good, everyone stands up shouting “Bravo!” it is a typical example of how to prayer somebody for something good or well done. Bravo is a native that’s used in theaters and also concert halls all over the world, yet only in its mrs form, also if you’re complimenting a woman. In Italian, however, prefer every other adjective, bravo demands to agree in gender and also number v the human (or people) you’re complimenting.

Brava, Maria, scrivi proprio bene!(“You room good, Maria, you compose really well!” )Bravo Marcello, corri molto veloce!(“You space good, Marcella, you operation really fast!” )Bravi bambini, siete stati molto buoni oggi!(“Good kids, you have been very good today!” )

Bravo can also be offered to praise a details activity:

Che bravo/a ____!

Che bravo fotografo!(“What a good photographer!” )Che brava attrice!(“What a great actress!” )

You can additionally use bello as a method to compliment the product of an activity:

Che bello ____!

Che belle foto!(“What nice photos!” )Che bella interpretazione!(“What a beautiful interpretation!” )

When friend compliment who in Italian, it doesn’t hurt to exaggerate a little. Here’s a list of adjectives the will boost the power of your praises:

Fantastico(“Fantastic” )Meraviglioso(“Wonderful” )Stupendo(“Superb” )Eccezionale(“Awesome” )Formidabile(“Fantastic” )Splendido(“Beautiful” )Incredibile(“Unbelievable” )

Another method of complimenting someone for doing miscellaneous well—such as speaking Italian, cooking, or performing a sport—is to usage the following construction:

Come ____ bene!

Come cucini bene!(“How fine you cook!” / “What a an excellent cook!” )Come parli bene l’italiano!(“How well you speak Italian!” )Come giochi bene a calcio! (“How fine you play soccer!” )

4. Che buono! Complimenting Food

Italians love food. Castle love to do it. They love come eat it. They particularly love to talk about it… So, that just herbal that they intend to be praised as soon as they’re cooking and to praise (or criticize) as soon as they’re eating. Let’s look at some Italian compliments because that food!


Mmm.. Faccio il bis! (“Mmm… i go ago for seconds!” )

Here’s the survival list of food compliments in Italian:

Che buono/a! is the very first and most crucial compliment you can say about any dish. It method “good” in a general sense, but when it involves food, it method “tasty” or “delicious.” Feel free to usage or include any kind of of the exaggeration adjectives the were noted before!

Che buono! Posso assaggiare?(“So good! have the right to I taste it?” )Il pesto genovese è delizioso.(“Genoa pesto is delicious.” )La lasagna della nonna è buonissima!(“Grandma’s lasagna is very good!” )La pizza fatta in casa è eccezionale!(“The homemade pizza is awesome!” )Questo gelato è fantastico!(“This ice cream is fantastic!” )

However, the ideal compliment you deserve to make to an Italian chef is come eat and come earlier for more. This is better than any type of praise:

È buonissimo! Posso averne ancora? (“It’s good! deserve to I have some more?” )Mi piace un sacco! Faccio il bis.(“I really like it! i’ll go earlier for seconds.” )

An even far better compliment is come ask around the ingredients and also to ask for the recipe:

È delizioso. Mi dai la ricetta?(“It’s delicious. Have the right to you provide me the recipe?” )Che piatto fantastico! Come lo prepari?(“What a wonderful dish! just how do you prepare it?” )

And finally, even if it is you’re in ~ a restaurant or at somebody’s house, the classic compliment for food is the great old: Complimenti al cuoco/alla cuoca! (“My compliments to the chef!” )

5. Come stai bene! generic Compliments


Come stai bene! is a share compliment that you can use for plenty of different occasions. This is since it conveys a basic sense that the human you’re complimenting looks good, feels good, or has something an excellent about him/her. It’s often followed by a inquiry to get more details around the particular compliment:


Come stai bene, sei andata dal parrucchiere? (“You look at nice, did you go to the hairdresser?” )Come stai bene, sei stato al mare?(“You look nice, go you walk to the beach?” )


Come stai bene, stai andando in palestra?(“You look good, are you exercising?” )Come stai bene, stai facendo una dieta?(“You look at nice, are you on a diet?” )


Come stai bene in rosso. (“The shade red suits you.” )Come stai bene, è un vestito nuovo?(“You look nice, is it a new dress?” )


Il rosso ti sta bene. (“Red suits you.” )

When talking around clothes, many Italians room happy to be praised regarding their style. The means to perform that is to make a compliment the not only praises the piece of clothes or the accessories, but also the way the human is attract it, and how beautiful that or she watch in it. Here’s exactly how you perform that:

Come ti sta bene ____ !

Come ti sta bene questo cappotto!(“How an excellent you look at in this coat!” )Come ti stanno bene questi occhiali!(“How an excellent you look through these glasses!” )

And everybody loves a casual cite of elegance and style: Che eleganza! Che stile! (“What elegance! What style!” )

6. Grazie! What to mean After offering Compliments


In Italy, we generally like to obtain compliments and to be praised. Who wouldn’t? but even so, world often respond come compliments through shying away, pretending the they don’t really deserve it, or the it’s no a huge deal. However it is! trust me…

So, if the general response to compliments is thankfulness:

Grazie.(“Thank you.” / “Thanks.” )Grazie mille.(“Many thanks,” however literally “a thousand thanks” )Che gentile!(“How kind!” )Che carino!(“How nice!” )

…others prefer a somewhat shy response:

Ma figurati…(“Do not even cite it…” )Mi fai arrossire…(“You do me blush…” )Mi metti in imbarazzo…(“You unpleasant me …” )

7. Che bel sorriso! how to Flirt in Italian

Of course, we couldn’t execute without a chapter specialized to romantic Italian phrases and also flirting in Italian. ~ all, Italy is just one of the many romantic places on earth, and the native nation of Rodolfo Valentino, the dad (or grandfather) of every Latin lovers.


Che bel sorriso…? (“Beautiful smile…?” )

Interesting fact: words “flirting” (flirtare) has recently gone into the Italian dictionary (it’s pronounced flertare). The course, the compliments girlfriend use when flirting are different depending upon if they’re for a male or for a woman. Also, when flirtatious compliments can obtain very creative and also funny, in many cases, you just need to worship the thing of your desires in the most typical way. The only vital thing is to it is in sincere.

Italian compliments because that a woman:

Come sei carina!(“How cute friend are!” )Come sei dolce!(“How sweet friend are!” )Sei una bella ragazza/donna. (“You space a beautiful girl/woman!” )Che begli occhi!(“Nice eyes!” )Che bel sorriso!(“Beautiful smile!” )Sei molto simpatica!(“You are really nice!” )

Italian compliments because that a man:

Sei un tipo interessante.(“You’re an interesting guy.” )Come sei divertente!(“You room funny!” / “You make me laugh!” )Che belle mani!(“You have beautiful hands!” )Che muscoli!(“What muscles!” )Che bel sorriso!(“Beautiful smile!” )Sei molto simpatica!(“You are an extremely nice!” )

8. Sembri più giovane! Compliments ~ above Someone’s Aging

Are you around to go and meet a friend’s sweet grandma? In the case, when talking to the nonna (or other elderly member the the family), remember the talking around age isn’t specifically a taboo. It’s simply a topic come be treated with delicate care. And there’s constantly a subtle means to make compliments ~ above somebody’s age and to avoid embarrassing missteps.


75? Li porti benissimo! (“You nothing look at all 75!” )

Whenever the object of age comes increase in conversation, you’re “supposed” to worship the person for not mirroring their age. There are numerous ways to carry out that, and also the human being you’re complimenting will certainly be thankful to hear any type of of them:

Sembri più giovane.

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(“You look younger.” )Li porti bene/benissimo. (Lit. “You stay them really well,” method “You don’t look your age”. )Ti davo dieci anni di meno! (“I would give you ten years less.” )Non li dimostri per niente! (“You don’t display them at all!” )

9. Congratulazioni! You’ve gained to the End…

You deserve to it is in praised for all the hard work she putting into learning Italian. Currently you have the right to take advantage of every the great resources friend can discover at snucongo.org. Grammar lessons, vocabulary lists, and language practice. Every little thing you should keep boosting your Italian skills!

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