Want come know just how to to speak ‘happy birthday’ in Serbian? she in the right place. 

It’s constantly nice to great someone a happy birthday on their distinct day yet why not do it in a language that means something come them.As well as wishing your loved one a happy date of birth in Serbian, why not likewise sing the Serbian version of the happy birthday song! read on to learn an ext about this.It deserve to be tough to uncover resources or language process for Serbian, however a popular one is the Serbian course by Glossika. Girlfriend can shot a cost-free trial to check out if you choose it before purchasing a subscription.

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How to Say ‘Happy Birthday’ In SerbianHow To song Happy birthday In SerbianSerbian birthday TraditionsThe Birthday human being PaysOne large Gift

How come Say ‘Happy Birthday’ In Serbian

To great someone a happy birthday in Serbian, you deserve to say:EnglishSerbianPronunciationHappy birthdayсрећан рођенданSrechan rojendan
To listen the joint of this phrase, check out the below video. Skip come 1:15 because that ‘happy birthday’:
Alternatively, girlfriend can also use several of these phrases:

EnglishSerbianPronunciationAll the bestсве најбољеSveh nay-boh-lyehCongratulationsЧеститамChest-i-tam

If you’re speaking to someone special then you’ll desire to know how to say I love you in Serbian.

How To song Happy date of birth In Serbian

If you want to go the extra mile for your loved one or friend, try singing the happy birthday tune in Serbian. Check the end the video clip below to hear the Serbian date of birth song. I’ve detailed the lyrics listed below so you deserve to sing along.
Here’s the lyrics so you can sing along:“Danas nam je divan dan, divan dan, divan danNašem/Našoj *name* rođendan, rođendan, rođendanŽiveo, živeo i sretan nam bio / Živela, živela ns sretna nam bila Živeo, živeo i sretan nam bio / Živela, živela i sretna nam bilaŽiveo/Živela!”

This translates to:“Today is wonderful, wonderful, exorbitant dayIt’s our *name*’s birthdayMay he/she live and be happyMay he/she live and be happyMay he/she live”After the song is finished, friend will usually shout ‘Živeliiiiiiii!’ which method ‘cheers!’.

Serbian date of birth Traditions

Birthday traditions have the right to be very important come many civilization on their birthdays. Come make her loved one feel extra special you deserve to also shot some of this Serbian birthday traditions.

The Birthday human Pays

Yep, you check out that right! In Serbia, if it’s her birthday then you’re expected to pay for everything. This method if you go out for dinner or drinks through all her friends, you will have to pay for everyone.

One huge Gift

In many other nations it’s typical for each person to to buy the birthday person a little gift for your birthday. In Serbia, it’s more common for anyone to swimming pool their money together and also buy the birthday human being a bigger, more expensive gift.This is often far better as then the birthday human gets something they really want and also wouldn’t have gotten from anyone otherwise. Thanks for reading this write-up on just how to to speak ‘happy birthday’ in Serbian. 

It’s a an excellent idea to do the initiative to learn how to speak this in someone’s aboriginal language or a language that way something to them.Your love one or friend will certainly be therefore impressed!Related posts:
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