I want to usage "Life and death" in snucongo.org together a location for an essential writting, yet I desire to make sure its translation and also context is correct:

Is this the exactly way?:Vitam et Mortem


This is kind of a subjective question. Here"s what I have the right to think of:

Vita et Mors (or Mors et Vita) -- I like this because that its simplicity, readability, and recognizability.

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Vita Morsque (Or Mors Vitaque) -- It method the same thing "Life and Death" however it is more idiomatic snucongo.org, i think.

Res Vitae et Mortis -- "Res" means "matters, goings-on." This means "Matters of Life and also Death"

De Vita et Morte -- way "On/about life and death."

Vivendum et Moriendum -- means "Living and Dying." This might be a great choice, as the Romans were fairly fond of noun-ized verbs.

Per Vivendum, per Moriendum -- method "By living, by dying." This would offer a sense of exactly how you acquired your information. This would be great if your narrator is a ghost or omniscient in part way.

Vivere et Mori -- means "To live and also to die." This is probably the best translation of what you"re spring for. Thank you to Cerebus because that this suggestion.

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