It"s the most beautiful time of the year again because that Hongkongers. Streets are filled with lights and joy. So, permit us find out Cantonese Christmas Greetings 聖誕快樂!Play

With remarkable lights filling the streets, down to the Christmas-themed parks and holiday buffets, Hong Kong has one of the many festive Christmas in the world indeed. There is no need for snow choose in west countries since the impressive lights the skyscrapers and the loud Christmas almost everywhere will execute the magic because that you.

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Christians memory Christmas on the 25th of December to commemorate Jesus Christ. But an ext than that, preparing gifts and also giving out greeting cards, the Christmas season symbolizes family, giving, love, and peace. Throughout Christmas eve, family members are gathered together to organize a straightforward party, provide each various other gifts and Christmas cards, and also most importantly, have actually a Christmas night dinner.

You could also never let Christmas pass without hearing and saying a most Christmas greetings, even if it is personally or through Christmas cards. So, let us discover some Cantonese Christmas greetings to assist you totally imbibe the holiday season.

Hong Kong during The holiday Season

Hong Kong is important a splendid city itself, even during ordinary days. Deserve to you imagine how splendid that is during the holiday season? Yes, the prize is breathtaking. So, prior to learning part Cantonese Christmas greetings, let us take a fast tour the Hong Kong throughout the Christmas season.

In Hong Kong, December 25 and also 26 are taken into consideration public holidays. All the government public framework are closed during these days, like schools, write-up offices, and banks. But, the restaurants and also hotels space open.


Now, let united state talk around the setting (氣氛 hei3 fan1)Play. Hongkongers celebrate Christmas in a really festive way. The atmosphere is an extremely joyful, Santa Claus is everywhere, the high-rise buildings are brilliantly shining with Christmas lights, and also you will be listening a lot of Christmas song playing, don"t the vast speakers. Over there are likewise a lot of parties and exchanging presents happening everywhere Hong Kong, so friend really deserve to feel the Christmas vibe.

Hotels (酒店 zau2 dim3)Play and restaurants (餐廳 caan1 teng1)Play are also booked since Hong Kongers love to invest Christmas in places like this and also have a nice Christmas dinner. The usual price of a dinner in a Hong Kong hotel is HK$650. But, please remember the hotels and also restaurants are completely booked during the 25th and also 26th, therefore make certain to book means ahead that time.

These hotels and also restaurants also have a Christmas layout from the decorations come the food lock serve like Turkey (火雞 fo2 gai1.)Play If you"re from west countries and you miss the typical Christmas food, you deserve to enjoy the in Hong Kong restaurants.

In Hong Kong, there"s no eye (雪 syut3).Play So, purchase malls and also other themed parks do fake snow, snowman, and other ice displays for advertising. Simply to imbibe the idea that a "White Christmas." girlfriend can likewise go to indoor ice cream skating rinks because you can never see an external ice skating rink because of the weather.

Of course, lastly, the template parks (主題公園 zyu2 tai4 gung1 jyun2)Play in Hong Kong is among the best attractions. You have the right to have fun through the rides and games, gain performances, and also even purchase Christmas souvenirs. This is whereby you deserve to really feeling the magic that Christmas.

There are additionally the many awaited Christmas performances indigenous The Hong Kong Ballet, The Hong Kong Philharmonic.

Chinese Christmas heritages In Hong Kong

Chinese christians in Hong Kong celebrate Christmas by attending church services in both Cantonese, Chinese, and English organized at different times throughout the day. Believer in Hong Kong gain singing Christmas carols and also visiting Christmas markets.

Hong Konger usually buys Christmas cards in the shops. But some human being still love to make DIY Christmas cards to put some crafts that represent Chinese culture or to do it an ext personal. They typically write messages and Christmas greetings (which us will learn later) in the Christmas cards.


People love come decorate (裝飾 zong1 sik1)Play their homes with the usual Christmas decorations prefer tinsel, wreath, poinsettias flowers, Christmas lights, and also of course, a Christmas tree. Of course, Santa Claus deserve to be checked out anywhere. In the Cantonese language, Santa Claus (聖誕老人 sing3 daan3 lou5 jan4)Play means "Christmas Old Man."

Christmas in Hong Kong is an extremely different from Christmas in Mainland China. Although they both have the Chinese culture with them, you have the right to see the Hong Kong has a many of an ext western vibes, which friend will discover below.

How come Celebrate Christmas In Hong Kong

There are lots of ways to have a splendid and also unforgettable Christmas in Hong Kong. Before learning some Cantonese Christmas greetings, right here are some means you deserve to spend your Christmas in Hong Kong.

attend Winterfest

With the huge glittering skyline, Santa Claus" statues, and Christmas carols by the choir, Winterfest is certainly the heart of the holiday season in Hong Kong. During this time of year, the city is decked the end in festive decorations, the biggest of i beg your pardon is the Christmas tree the stands proudly in frostbite Square. This is something that you shouldn"t miss if you"re in Hong Kong throughout this season. Join is free. Winterfest runs from December, and it will finish on brand-new Year"s eve, wherein you have the right to enjoy a fireworks display and The Hong Kong Symphony the Lights.

have actually A quite Christmas Dinner In Hong Kong many hotels

Hong Kong is likewise full that luxurious hotels where you deserve to have a Christmas dinner buffer. Hongkongers like eating the end to make their very own food at home, and hotels are among the finest places to have dinner v your family members or friends. Among these many hotels is The Peninsula Hotel, wherein you deserve to have a Christmas afternoon tea and a multi-course dinner. You can feel the Christmas vibe by simply entering the hotel lobby. Over there are giant Christmas decorations that will welcome you.

walk Shopping

Shopping malls are on sale during the holiday season, so that is a perfect time to go shopping. Not only shopping malls yet there room boutiques and also stores in the streets like Mongkok whereby you have the right to buy various things. One renowned market in Hong Kong during the Christmas season is theChristmas sector at Stanley Plaza. As well as buying stuff, friend can likewise enjoy live to chat and, of course, food.

walk To Museum and also Theme Parks

With the remarkable lights, decorations, fake snows, and Santa Claus through his reindeers and also elves, you will certainly indeed have actually a magical night in various theme parks and also museums favor Disneyland and Ocean. In Disneyland, you will experience countless parades, impressive lights, and Christmas decorations. There"s Mickey Mouse and also his friends that will provide you a miracle night you"ll never forget.


Cantonese VS Mandarin

If girlfriend are simply a beginning of the person in finding out Cantonese, you might be confused with the other Chinese language Mandarin. The first thing the you need to know prior to learning Cantonese Christmas greetings is that Cantonese is mostly used in Hong Kong, and also Mandarin is greatly used in Mainland China.

Although they room both Chinese languages, castle have substantial differences. If you want to learn an ext about these differences, there"s a different lesson or blog because that you. But for now, take a look in ~ the example below.

聖誕 Sing3 Daan3 (Cantonese)Play

圣诞节 - Shèng Dàn Jié (Mandarin)Play

As you have the right to see, the 2 languages really differ from every other. The Cantonese word for Christmas is 聖誕 Sing3 Daan3 while because that Mandarin, it"s 圣诞节 - Shèng Dàn Jié.

How come Say merry Christmas In Cantonese?

Aside from the giant trees, sparkling lights, having dinner in hotels and restaurants, walking shopping, and going to template parks, over there is another method to spread out happiness and also love during Christmas time - greeting Merry Christmas. Greeting who is a sign of thoughtfulness and likewise kindness. Like what is stated above, Christmas is more than simply material things and also amazing decorations. Straightforward gestures like greeting Merry Christmas will counting too.

So, let"s find out some Cantonese Christmas greetings! Don"t worry since English Translation and Jyutping pronunciation space also accessible to assist you.

聖誕快樂!(Sing3 Daan3 Faai3 Lok6!)Play

English Translation: funny Christmas
聖誕快樂!(Sing3 Daan3 Faai3 Lok6!) | Cantonese Christmas Greetings

The first Cantonese Christmas greetings that us will discover is, that course, Merry Christmas. In Cantonese, they say 聖誕快樂!(Sing3 Daan3 Faai3 Lok6!). That is offered to express an excellent wishes on Christmas day. You can mostly view it written in Christmas cards and decorations in purchase malls and also themed parks.

假期愉快!(Gaa3 Kei4 Jyu6 Faai3!)Play

English Translation: Happy holidays!

You can additionally say Merry Christmas using various words. The 2nd Cantonese Christmas greetings that us will discover is Happy Holidays. In Hong Kong, lock only think about two days together a holiday, however the holiday spirit deserve to be felt in the whole of December.

溫馨嘅祝福! (Wan1 Hing1 Ge3 Zuk1 Fuk1!)Play

English Translation: warmth wishes!

Saying Warm wishes is additionally one the the most famous Cantonese greetings. In Cantonese, they speak 溫馨嘅祝福! (Wan1 Hing1 Ge3 Zuk1 Fuk1!). This can likewise be added after saying the greeting "Merry Christmas." Wishing someone good things in life is miscellaneous precious due to the fact that it is a sign that you treatment for the person. That is the true soul of Christmas.

Other holiday Greetings

Aside native Christians, over there are additionally other faiths in Hong Kong that might be celebrating distinct occasions during these times. So instead of Cantonese Christmas greetings, right here is how you greet them:

光明節快樂!(Gwong1 Ming4 Zit3 Faai3 Lok6!)Play

English Translation: Happy Hanukkah!

Hanukkah is an eight-day Jewish festival that starts on Kislev 25 (typically in November or December ~ above the Gregorian calendar) and lasts for eight days. The is also called Festival of Lights, Feast that Dedication,orFeast of the Maccabees. It"s commemorated to honor Jewish religious liberty.

寬扎節快樂 (Fun1 Zaat3 Zit3 Faai3 Lok6!)Play

English Translation: Happy Kwanzaa!

This greeting is for your native African-American or West afri friends. The is a non-religious celebration, and also many human being celebrate Kwanzaa and Christmas at the exact same time. Transparent Kwanzaa week, families and communities sign up with together to enjoy a feast, respect the ancestors, confirm their links, and celebrate African and also African American culture.

新年快樂!(San1 Nin4 faai3 lok6!)Play

English Translation: have actually a happy new Year!

Since in Gregorian Calendar, new year"s day is just a week away from Christmas, people also include this brand-new Year in greeting someone. A brand-new year symbolizes new beginnings, so it wouldn"t ache to wish someone a happy new year and an excellent fortune.

祝你喺新嘅一年萬事如意!(Zuk1 Nei5 Hai2 San1 Ge3 Jat1 Nin4 Maan6 si6 jyu4 ji3!)Play

English Translation: best wishes because that the brand-new year!

This is another method of wishing who a happy brand-new year in Cantonese. You can also use that in greeting the crucial people about you.

下年見! (Haa6 Nin2 Gin3!)Play

English Translation: view you next year!

Since there room lots of human being who walk to Hong Kong simply to see the yearly Christmas celebrations, you have the right to say this together a goodbye v the expect of seeing them next year.

希望你有一個好好嘅寒假!(Hei1 Mong6 Nei5 Jau5 Jat1 Go3 Hou2 Hou2 Ge3 Hon4 Gaa3!)Play

English Translation: Have a an excellent winter vacation!"

You can additionally use 希望你有一個好好嘅寒假!(Hei1 Mong6 Nei5 Jau5 Jat1 Go3 Hou2 Hou2 Ge3 Hon4 Gaa3!) which "Have a great winter vacation!" in English. You deserve to only use this expression for human being who live in a nation during winter throughout Christmas.

Now the we"re done learning different Cantonese Christmas greetings, you should remember that the true essence of Christmas lies v making every other human being feel the they space loved, cared for, and also remembered. The parties, gifts, and also nice decorations are simply material points that include up come the Christmas vibe. Constantly remember the true symbolism that the bear of Jesus Christ.

Words and Phrases regarded Christmas

You have effectively learned various Cantonese Christmas greetings for this reason that we will find out some added Christmas vocabulary in the very first part.

CantoneseJyutpingEnglish Translation
聖誕日Playsing3 daan3 jat6Christmas Day
聖誕樹Playsing3 daan3 syu6Christmas tree
聖誕襪Playsing3 daan3 mat6Christmas stocking
聖誕葉Playsing3 daan3 jip6Christmas leaf
聖誕老人Playsing3 daan3 lou5 jan4Santa Claus
北極Playbak1 gik6North Pole
紅鼻馴鹿魯道夫Playhung4 bei6 seon4 luk2 lou5 dou6 fu1Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
馴鹿Playseon4 luk2reindeer
小精靈Playsiu2 zing1 ling4elf
聖誕小精靈Playsing3 daan3 siu2 zing1 ling4Christmas elf
禮物Playlai5 mat6gift/present
交換禮物Playgaau1 wun6 lai5 mat6exchange gifts
煙花匯演Playjin1 faa1 wui6 jin2fireworks display
雪橇Playsyut3 hiu1sled
雪人Playsyut3 jan4snowman
雪花Playsyut3 faa1snowflake
裝飾Playzong1 sik1decorations
煙通Playjin1 tung1chimney
花圈Playfaa1 hyun1wreath
槲寄生Playhuk6 gei3 sang1mistletoe
士的糖Playsi6 dik1 tong2candy cane
姜餅屋Playgoeng1 beng2 uk1gingerbread house

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