2 verbs equal the exact same "to walk" andar and also caminar room there sutile differences where and how to usage in conversation?

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Welcome come the forums, kuech. It"s not a huge deal, just two different ways of speak what amounts to the same thing. Almost like "chat", "talk", "converse", you know...Hope you don"t acquire discouraged from questioning questions and also finding aid here. We have a wonderful group the helpful, polite, friendly civilization here, always ready and willing to aid others!


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Well , ns was schocked at first, believed iI asked a real, stupid pregunta, whill asking a many more, too regardless the what part folks speak - kuech, ABR 18, 2011

from google

"Caminar" is an ext literal and also "andar" have the right to be an ext figurative in some cases. In various other words, "caminar" nearly always describes the physics act the walking, while andar can refer to the physics act, and many other things.

I prefer to take long walksMe gusta caminarMe gusta dar paseos muy largosMe gusta ir a caminar

I walk come workVoy caminando al trabajoCamino al trabajo

More figurative offers of andar:

Ando en Arlington = I"m in ArlingtonAndo en el supermercado = I"m at the storeAndo comprando un vestido = I"m out buying a dressAyer hacía mucho calor-- andaba en los 90s. = It to be really hot yesterday-- about 90.

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Because Spanish is a stunner language created by stupid people like me, who do weird points like having two words (yes, two words!) instead of having one, prefer logic and also God dictates. Hear to the lovely civilization from the forum, that will keep you away from the adversary (i.e. Me), and will call you just how wonderful life is. Yet remember: Spanish is for fools. Stick to your wonderful language.

Tom Burgos will now tell girlfriend how negative I am, don"t worry.

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Because Spanish is a stunner language developed by stupid people like me, who carry out weird points like having two native (yes, 2 words!)

Two words!!? 2 words!!?? fine I"m certainly glad that my indigenous English doesn"t go for together shenanigans


–Do you desire a ride?

–No thanks, ns think that I"ll simply hoof it.

–Are you sure? That"s one awfully long way to travel through foot.

–Yeah, however that"s OK. It really is a nice day come stroll with through the country.

–Well, you space right around that, and also I would amble along v you, only I stubbed my toe yesterday which is making it sort of hard for me come get along.

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–Ouch. I"m i m really sorry to hear that. Anyway, i guess I better go ahead and hit the bricks if i am walk to make it there prior to dark.

–Yeah. OK. Well, I"ll check out you once you gain there. Have a quite hike!

Hehe...I"m sure that this tiny dialog probably doesn"t go really far in answering your initial question, yet if you like, girlfriend might shot having a look at at few of the previous threads on the subject: