Many human being regard Paris as one of the world"s many beautiful cities, and also it"s basic to it is in struck by cupid"s arrowhead during your visit. Informing random people that they"re beautiful might not it is in the ideal approach, however if you"re visiting the city through someone girlfriend love and also want come convey her feelings in the native tongue, sweep your unique someone turn off her feeling by telling her the she"s beautiful in French.

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To express the emotion "you space beautiful" to a woman in French, say "tu es belle." The voice pronunciation the this brief phrase is roughly, "too eh bell." Alternatively, you have the right to say "tu es jolie," which means "you space pretty." express "tu es jolie" as "too eh jo-lee." come tell a male he is good-looking, to speak "tu es beau," i beg your pardon is pronounced, "too eh bo."

If you"re speak to one or an ext women and also want come convey the message that they"re beautiful, it"s crucial to usage the plural form of the phrase. To speak "vous etes belles" to share this emotion with much more than one person. The together of "vous etes belles" is similar to "voos et bell." come say this emotion to one or more men, speak "vous etes bel," i beg your pardon is pronounced the same.

When you wish to explain the beautiful human being you see to someone else, the phrase is slightly various from "tu es belle." speak "une belle femme" or "une jolie femme" come express the sentiment that a mrs is beautiful. Pronounce either of these quick phrases as "oon bell fem" or "oon jo-lee fem," respectively. Because that a girl, fairly than woman, use "fille" instead of "femme." pronounce the previous term "fee." To define a handsome man, say "un bel homme," i m sorry is pronounced, "uh bell umm."

Walking up to a stranger in a French-speaking country and telling the human being that she"s beautiful is much more than a tiny direct. A safer strategy is to say the it"s pretty to accomplish her. In French, you deserve to express this sentiment with one an easy word: "enchante." express this word comparable to "on-shon-tay."

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