“I can’t think anybody would want to it is in a nun. Ns mean, ‘nun.’ The word claims it.”-Blanche

Blanche comes house in a state of shock; she’s just been in an accident. Happily for her, she had been control Rose’s car… though she didn’t stroked nerves to asking first.

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“I can’t believe this. Exactly how did that happen.”“Well, girlfriend know just how I like to accomplish rich males by gently rear-ending cars at red lights?”-Rose and Blanche

Unfortunately, she didn’t even manage to snag a man this time. Climbed is not happy.

Dorothy and Sophia return house from a funeral because that a nun girlfriend of Sophia’s; Sophia is in an especially poor spirits. She come in through an announcement: she’s walking to come to be a nun.

“God spoke to me now at the funeral. He told me to sign up with the order.”“God speak to you? girlfriend haven’t to be eating chili dog again, have you?”“That was an honest mistake. And to clarify, that’s once I thought God was whistling come me.”-Sophia and Blanche

Sophia says she’s secretly always wanted to become a nun, and now she’s walking to perform it.

Later, rose gets a call from she insurance company: the guy Blanche bumped is suing rose for his injuries unless they clear up out the court. Blanche says the guy was in no method injured when she observed him last, and thinks it’s an insurance money scam. Meanwhile, a nun comes over to speak v Sophia for a follow-up interview and also psychological tests.

Sophia tells Dorothy that being a nun is she destiny, even if it is Dorothy likes that or not.

Later, Rose’s insurance firm has cut her off, and also Blanche agrees to seduce Mr. Nivingston, the guy suing Rose, in order come prove that he’s not really injured.

“I’ll just obtain him in the bedroom and, uh, put him through the regular warm-ups, and also we’ll have actually a certain Scandinavian nitwit hiding in the closet v a camera.”“Wouldn’t that be much better if ns hid in the closet?”-Blanche and also Rose

Sophia is all set to walk to the convent, and also the other Girls to speak goodbye to her.

Blanche it s okay Nivingston in she house, neck brace and also all, and lays her charm on thick, however he won’t go into her bedroom and also runs away. Later, Dorothy it s okay a card from Sophia.

“‘Dorothy, i remember girlfriend fondly, and the very same goes for Blanche and Rita.’”-Dorothy

They all miss her dreadfully.

At the convent, Sophia is hold poker gamings with the other nuns.

“I’ve got a pair the jacks.”“Oh, wait, Sophia. I have actually a two, seven, jack, ten, and… that’s right, a four.”“That doesn’t win a pair the jacks.”“Well, it did once you had actually it!”“I said you, that’s referred to as a ‘whizzer.’ It’s only an excellent once a night.”-Sophia and nun

Mother remarkable is not thrilled with Sophia’s antics, consisting of a “Monks of the Midwest” calendar fundraising idea. She advises Sophia the she’d far better shape up her attitude. The various other Girls come for a surprise visit. Mother Superior pulls Dorothy aside.

“It’s my feeling that life here is also structured because that her.”“I’m afraid i don’t follow you.”“She is a stubborn, old, vindictive pack mule that a woman who won’t monitor the rules.”“Okay, I’m back with you.”-Mother Superior and Dorothy

Dorothy agrees to supply the sad news. Meanwhile, in her room, Sophia asks God what come do once Dorothy mirrors up. Sophia isn’t surprised, however she doesn’t understand exactly how her life deserve to be meaningful when she’s not here. Dorothy points out that she life was meaningful already, and nobody has to take sisters Agnes’s place.

Back at home, Sophia tries to settle back in.

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High points: Sophia as the worst nun ever, Blanche’s basic carelessness with increased throughout the episode.

Things that don’t age well: Is the that basic to just randomly end up being a nun at whatever point in life?