The expression that"s spoken when someone is hand-wringing around a thorny problem.

Speaker One: Uh-oh -- we have to reformat all THE DOCUMENTS!

Speaker Two: Aye Yai Yai, that"s a lot of work!

"Aye Yai Yai" is the closest I deserve to come through orthography, but I"m not sure if there"s a more standard representation.

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In the south African paper definition the meaning is an ext an expression the encapsulates the idea of things going insanity amok (out the control) or hapless frustration. Reference "The Gods have to be Crazy."
“Ay-ay-ay” is one exclamation which gotten in American pop culture from mexican Spanish in assorted ways. In not blocked conversation, the phrase means literally “oh, oh, oh” and conveys a sense of dismay.

For example, in 1882, the well-known song “Cielito Lindo” included this expression in the chorus. This track was sung by drunk mice in a Warner brothers cartoon special Speedy Gonzales aired since the 1950s. It was likewise sung by the mascot of Fritos corn chips, the Frito Bandito, in a famous television advertising aired from 1967 to 1971. (Both characters, incidentally, were voiced by voice gibbs Mel Blanc.)

Closely related in sound is the exclamation recognized as the “Grito Mexicano” or “Mexican Cry”. 


In the present Power Rangers, one character had this as a catchphrase; that was commonly spelled "Ai yi yi", as confirmed here, though choices included:

aye yai yaiaye yi yiayiyiay ay ayaye aye ayei-i-i

I would go v "Ay, ay, ay" together the spelling, because it comes straight from Spanish.

interj. U. Para expresar muchos y muy diversos movimientos del ánimo, y más ordinariamente aflicción o dolor.
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