YouTube star lindsay Stirling to be born in 1986, quickly after lindsey peaked together a baby surname for girls at No. 35 in 1984.

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Lindsey Stirling, that plays the violin while dancing, to be a quarterfinalist ~ above 2010’s season the “America’s gained Talent.” She’s one of the very first performers come gain substantial stardom on YouTube. Her video “Roundtable Rival,” whereby she duels the out through a poor guy guitarist in the Old West, has actually over 172 million views. Stirling’s autobiography, “The just Pirate at the Party,” to be a 2016 bestseller. She to be a “Dancing through the Stars” contestant critical year. Top top Nov. 28, she will show up in concert at Baxter Arena.

Lindsey is an old Anglo-Saxon kingdom in England’s north Lincolnshire. It means “the island that Lincoln.” It’s no actually an island, but a high area surrounding by rivers and marshes.

Surnames Lindsey and Lindsay present one’s ancestors came from Lindsey. Scottish Clan Lindsay was established by sir Walter de Lindsay, who went to Scotland in the 11th century as a retainer of David, brothers of Scotland’s King wilhelm the Lion.

In the 19th century, the custom of giving boys surnames as very first names grew. The 1851 brothers census found 99 guys named Lindsay and 51 Lindseys, and 61 percent that the Lindsays — however only 12 percent the the Lindseys — lived in Scotland.

Americans throughout the 19th century loved surnames as first names even more. The 1850 United says census consists of 260 Lindsays and 763 Lindseys.

The consistent use the surnames together girls’ an initial names started in the South. The faster female lindsey in the census is lindsey Ann Keenin, born December 1846 in Tippah County, Mississippi. Over 60 years, census takers composed her name as Lindsey, Linsey, Lyndsa, Linnie, Lyndsy and Lynie.

When society Security’s yearly name lists started in 1880, lindsey ranked 590th and Lindsay 781st for boys. Your popularity never got much higher, though there was a boy increase during the early Baby Boom. Castle peaked in 1953, through Lindsey at 573rd and Lindsay at 629th.

Famous male Lindseys include Fleetwood Mac’s Buckingham (born 1949) and also South Carolina senator Graham (1955).

Lindsay first appeared in the girls’ optimal thousand in 1949, however vanished again in 1954. A few parents probably found it as a an imaginative alternative because that then No. 1 girls’ name Linda.

Marilyn and also William Wagner the Los Angeles were two such parents. Their daughter Lindsay Jean to be born June 22, 1949.

Lindsay Wagner starred as Professor Kingsfield’s daughter in 1973’s “The file Chase.” her fame skyrocketed once she play television’s “Bionic Woman” Jaime Sommers in between 1975 and also 1978.

Wagner provided her surname a bionic boom. In 1974, Lindsey gotten in the optimal thousand at 650th and Lindsay in ~ 691st. In 1984, lindsay peaked in ~ 35th and Lindsay in ~ 36th.

Multiple assignment made lindsey seem less popular than it yes, really was. If girls named Lyndsey, Lyndsay, Linsey and also Lynsey are added, 1984’s an unified total the 19,286 ranking 11th. Lindsay Bloom (1950) play Maybelle ~ above “The Dukes the Hazzard.” Lindsay Crouse (1948) gained an Oscar nod for 1984’s “Places in the Heart.” Actress Lindsay Lohan (1986) was the subject of her very own reality series, “Lindsay,” in 2014.

With its mean bearer turning 34 this year, lindsey ranked 873rd in 2017; Lindsay wasn’t even in the top thousand. Despite Stirling’s fame, many parents won’t fiddle through Lindsey for a while.

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