previously this week, the greatly adolescent user basic of cartoon social network club Penguin to be stunned to discover out the the online organization would shut under its current incarnation, as a desktop computer web app, and shift to mobile devices. It will go offline in ~ the finish of March. Society Penguin, i m sorry is owned by Disney, is among the most-well-known society networks for young adults: everyone is a penguin, and also you walk approximately a virtual town chatting through people, typing messages, and also participating in tasks like dance parties and games.

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Club Penguin’s kid-friendly aesthetic has frequently lent itself to surreal shenanigans, like in November, as soon as one server hosted a brief protest versus then-President-elect Donald Trump.

I'M in ~ THE society PENGUIN trumped PROTEST

— carla (
offlinejen) November 14, 2016

So, it’s weird. Anyway, one ar on every server is the Iceberg, which is exactly what that sounds like — an iceberg, the hosts a large penguin dance party. Because that years, there have actually been rumors the if sufficient penguins were on the iceberg, it would certainly flip over. The game also hinted at this, according to the unofficial club Penguin wiki, by displaying a painting of a tipped iceberg in one more of the game’s locations. Also Know your Meme has a rejected entry on the rumor, produced six years ago and critical updated 5 years ago. The main Club Penguin account referenced the quixotic initiative last September.

Iceberg tipping!

— club Penguin (
clubpenguin) September 8, 2016

Iceberg tipping has actually been a rumor virtually since club Penguin introduced in 2005, follow to
pingu15cool. “I began playing society Penguin since January 2008 and through the end the year every time I have been top top a busy server, over there has always been a big group that penguins at the Iceberg trying to reminder it,”
pingu15cool called me. “Most Penguins will certainly be wearing a yellow difficult hat drilling and some various other penguins can be dancing. Nobody stood tho or we all thought it wouldn’t pointer otherwise. So everyone who has been on club Penguin knows around tipping the Iceberg.”

The kids of club Penguin have actually been make the efforts to guideline the iceberg for much more than a decade. There are tons of videos and also comment sections mentioning the theory. Additionally at stake to be the opportunity of one in-game reward. What riches would a tipped iceberg bestow ~ above the community?

But it never ever happened … till yesterday. With the announcement the Club Penguin would certainly be shutting under in stimulate to change to mobile, the video game makers decided to hold one last party, a community-wide sendoff recognized as the Waddle on Party. In the comments of the blog short article announcing the shutdown and also farewell, ar manager Megg hinted in ~ a secret.


“The society Penguin team chose for the last party come program and also code the Iceberg so that can ultimately tip!”
pingu15cool explained. “So some of the theories room actually correct about penguins drilling or dancing at a certain place to actually guideline the Iceberg. That does take it a couple of minutes currently at the party come actually guideline it. CP employee haven’t made it easy.”

According come the recently updated Iceberg entry on the CP wiki:

The Iceberg have the right to tip end if at least 5 football player in the room are wearing Blue, go a Blue Puffle , and dancing if wearing a hard Hat. The Iceberg tips over, revealing a big dance floor, a bin the Iceberg Tipper hats, a buoy numbered 11, and also a plaque with countless carvings and an inscription on it the reads “Together, we can construct an island, create a community, and even pointer an iceberg. Waddle on.”

You have the right to watch it occur here.

With a decadelong an enig put come rest, society Penguin football player can ultimately move top top … to club Penguin Islands, launching later on this year.

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