William Faulkner was born inNew Albany, Mississippi, top top September 25, 1897,the oldest of four brothers in a southern family members of aristocraticorigin. Faulkner spent much of his life in and also around his belovedhometown the Oxford, Mississippi, wherein he worked various odd jobsand created in his spare time in the year leading as much as his literaryfame. Stints in new York and Paris introduced Faulkner to the cultureand significant figures that the Modernist literary movement, very early twentieth-centuryresponse to a world significant by rapid and often bewildering technologicaldevelopment. Modernism in literature was identified by experimentationwith language and literary conventions, and Faulkner ended up being oneof the movement’s significant figures. In 1924,Faulkner released his first book, a repertoire of poetry titled TheMarble Faun. Faulkner published his fourth novel, TheSound and the Fury, in 1929,and though The Sound and also the fury is often consideredhis masterpiece, it was his 6th novel, Sanctuary, in 1929,that finally won that an audience and also a literary career. TheSound and also the Fury, however, significant the beginning of Faulkner’suse of speculative narrative methods to check out the psychologicalcomplexity of his characters and their interactions much more thoroughlythan a timeless style would have actually allowed.

As i Lay Dying, initially publishedin 1930, is one ofthe most vivid testaments to the power of this new style, with Faulkner’susually facility and prolonged paragraphs trimmed down with a conscientiouseconomy to form a clear, combined plot. Lot of this clarity canbe attributed to the strongness of Faulkner’s vision for the work-related andthe careful planning and also outlining he did before sitting under to write.Whereas Faulkner conceived plenty of of his other works in a scatteredfashion, he totally imagined the innovative concepts of AsI Lay dice ahead that time, furiously scribbling under hisrevelations on the earlier of an upturned wheelbarrow. This organizationreflects the an excellent hopes the Faulkner pinned on the novel—he hadrecently married his high college sweetheart, Estelle Oldham, andhoped his saga that the Bundren household would ultimately ensure a steadyincome because that his family and a better literary call for himself.The result is a novel of some daring, one the forgoes the unifiedperspective that a solitary narrator and also fragments its text into fifty-ninesegments voiced indigenous fifteen different perspectives. In writing AsI Lay dying in this way, Faulkner needs his readersto take it an active part in creating the story, enables for multipleand periodically conflicting interpretations, and achieves remarkablelevels of psychological insight.

In as I lay Dying, Faulkner very first introducesYoknapatawpha County, a fictional rendition that his indigenous LafayetteCounty, Mississippi, which became the setup for many of his best-knownworks. The novels collection in Yoknapatawpha county can also be read asone complex story, in i m sorry the same places, events, families,and civilization turn increase over and over again. For example, Vernon andCora Tull, who show up in together I put Dying, likewise appearin The Hamlet, a later on novel. Prior to Faulkner,the American southern was widely shown in American literary works asa backward, impossibly international land. The complexity and also sophisticationof the Yoknapatawpha novels readjusted many of these perceptions, andit is largely because of Faulkner’s influence that the south is nowrecognized as among the country’s most abundant literary regions.Faulkner himself, however, did no fare fine financially, and hewas ultimately forced come take work-related as a screenwriter in Hollywoodto supplement his dwindling income. His fortunes were revived, however,with the 1946 publicationof The Portable Faulkner, which featured a largeand varied selection of his writings. He won the Nobel prize inLiterature in 1949,and a pair that Pulitzer Prizes followed in 1955 and 1962. Faulknercontinued to write about Yoknapatawpha until his death in Byhalia,Mississippi, on July 6, 1962,at the age of sixty-four.

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