Strange things occurred in Pretty tiny Liars' little town that Rosewood all the time, indigenous romantic entanglements to cryptic notes from "A" to full-on murder, so together a personality on the show, you might meet particular death at any kind of turn. Actor Bianca Lawson play Maya St. Germain, Emily's girlfriend that was tragically murdered, ~ above Pretty tiny Liars, however it turns out that Bianca herself didn't recognize what to be in keep for her character until one of her costars spilled the beans.

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In an interview through Vulture, Bianca to be asked what she make of Maya's death back in 2013. "I didn’t recognize she to be gonna die," Bianca said of her character's fate. "I was at an audition and I ran right into an actress there that was additionally on the show. And also she to be like, 'Oh, mine God, ns so sorry.' i’m like, 'What execute you mean? i haven’t check out the script.'" Apparently, since Maya technically wasn't in the episode — she was killed offscreen and her body was lugged away — she didn't gain a script for that episode. " felt really badly around it. So, I found out once I check out the script," Bianca shared. Whoops!

While Bianca was surprised around Maya's death, she looked in ~ it as component of life in Rosewood — and Hollywood, for the matter. "I mean, the a challenging one because in life friend never recognize what’s gonna occur the next day; you never know how much time you have with something or anything, right? all you deserve to do is be present with everything it is in the moment," she called Vulture. "That’s just the nature of life in the business. I carry out feel the there to be something yes, really lovely about what she had the ability to facilitate during her life, before she disappeared."

Bianca additionally talked around the relationship between Maya and also Emily; Maya to be the just "openly bisexual" human in Rosewood, and also their relationship was an important moment for representation in a very well-known show. "For me, it was just kind the like, she this human that is in love v this various other human and she’s not feeling insecure around that, or uncomfortable about that," Bianca said. "If were younger and maybe feeling not confident about details things, once I acquire to watch a character it is going through and chewing on points that ns chewing on, and also they’re unafraid, it would certainly make me feeling unafraid. Ns think it’s constantly a good thing once you have the right to do miscellaneous that probably goes against the stereotype, and also is freeing for people and also you’re enabled to execute it in a means that’s honest and thoughtful." 

Bianca added that throughout her operation on the show, she heard confident feedback from fans, informing her just how important and also moving their partnership was. "When we perform things, we don’t think around the real-world effects it’s having and then people tell you these stories, and also it’s like, Oh, mine God. It is the highest possible kind the compliment."

Check the end the totality chat over at Vulture.

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