Red Kangaroo Facts
SizeUp to 6.8 ft (210 cm)(when standing)
SpeedUp come 34 mph (55 km/h)
Weight48-188 lb (22-85 kg)
Lifespan4-18 years
FoodPlants, grass, herbs
Scientific nameMacropus rufus
CharacteristicsLong hind legs, quick front legs, sturdy tail

There exist about 65 species that kangaroos in the world. They include the small hare wallabies, the cuddly tree-kangaroos, the rock wallabies, and the grey and also the red kangaroo. Also the sweet quokka is a kangaroo. It always seems to be smiling.They live in Australia and new Guinea.Kangaroos live in dry rainforests, bush or grasslands, dry steppes and also desert and also rock regions.

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How Kangaroos Jump

The faster a kangaroo jumps the less energy it consumes. This is as result of an elastic tendon in their hind legs. When the kangaroo touch the ground, that stretches, rebounds and thus catapults the kangaroo right into the wait – prefer a spiral spring. Handy! different to most other bipeds, they do not usage their feet alternately but always hop in addition to both foot at the same time.

How much Can Kangaroos Jump?

Red kangaroos deserve to cover a street of 26-29.5 ft (8-9 m) with one run und with a height of 6.5-10 ft (2-3 m). The grey kangaroo deserve to jump even further.It manages ranges of as much as 44 ft (13.5 m) through one jump and also is the second-tallest kangaroo after ~ the red kangaroo.

The Tallest and the the smallest Kangaroo

The red kangaroo is the tallest kangaroo and additionally the tallest living marsupial. Indigenous head come rump it steps 4.2-5.2 ft (130-160 cm), the tail 3.2-3.9 ft (100-120 cm), and it weighs 48-188 lb (22-85 kg) (male kangaroo).When it stands upright, it have the right to be approximately 6.8 ft (210 cm) tall.

With a body size of 8.2-13.3 inch (21-34 cm), the musky rat-kangaroo is the smallest kangaroo. Its tail is 2.3-4.7 inch (6-12 cm) long and also it weighs 0.7-1.4 lb (340-680 g).

Red Kangaroo - Photo: Jeremy Red/Shutterstock

Why Can"t Kangaroos walk Backwards?

Because that the special form of their feet. Besides, their tail would certainly be in the way. They deserve to not operation anyway. You deserve to only jump!

Can Kangaroos Swim?


Are Kangaroos an intimidated Species?

Red kangaroos space no threatened species. However many other kangaroo types are taken into consideration to be "vulnerable" or also "endangered", eg. Many rock, tree and also bush kangaroos.

Red Kangaroos - Photo: dmvphotos/Shutterstock

Kangaroos Smell prefer Mice, Coffee, and also Curry

Red kangaroos smell favor mice. Eastern grey kangaroos smell prefer coffee beans, and western grey kangaroos that curry spices.

Where Does words Kangaroo Come From?

How the kangaroo has got its surname is really a fascinating story: The brother mariner James cook spent some time in Australia in 1770, experienced the precursors of the kangaroo and asked in English: “What pet is this?” The Aborigines answered in their language: “Kangaroo!” Which means “I nothing understand” in your language.

Red Kangaroos - Photo: john Carnemolla/Shutterstock

Not every Red Kangaroos are Red

That"s true. The woman red kangaroos are more of a blue grey color. In order to impress the kangaroo ladies, masculine red kangaroos dye your coat red. Happily they don’t have to go come the supermarket come buy some hair tint. Their skin gives off some sort of red powder.

Reproduction that Red Kangaroos

After a quick gestation duration of around 33 days, the young kangaroo is born. In ~ this moment it is just 0.98 inch (2.5 cm) long and also weighs about 0.02 oz (0.8 g). That is smaller and lighter 보다 a cherry. It is naked, remote and totally defenseless. Therefore it climbs into the pouch of its mommy after birth, whereby it can thrive up well protected. After about 190 days it leaves the pouch because that the an initial time. In ~ the age of 18 month it is completely grown up.

Does a masculine Kangaroo have actually a Pouch?

No, only female kangaroos have actually a pouch.

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Red Kangaroo - Photo: FairFoto/Shutterstock

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