Gen 46:1-27 The following year, Jacob sets out from Hebron through seventy members of his family and reaches Beersheba (‘Well the the Vow’ - watch Genesis 21:31 & 26:23) wherein God appears to the (see8 on Map 42).

Gen 46:28-29 Joseph meets his dad Jacob in the region of Goshen (Pa-Gessem – modern-day day Faqus) in the Nile Delta in c.1660BC (see9 on Map 42).

Gen 46:30-47:12 The Pharaoh gives Jacob and also his family fertile pastureland and also property near Joseph’s residence in ~ Avaris in the north eastern Nile Delta.


Fertile floor in the Nile valley

Gen 47:13-31 As the famine continues, Joseph buys every the livestock and also land in Egypt in exchange for grain. He ensures the Pharaoh’s future prosperity by introducing a payment in type for any new seeds he supplies.

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Gen 48:1-22 Jacob drops ill in c.1642BC. Learning he will shortly die, he tells Joseph of his dream in ~ Luz (Bethel) (see Genesis 28:13) and how God had made a commitment with him, promise to bless his progeny – the youngsters of Israel.

Gen 49:1-33 Jacob blesses his twelve sons and also - before he die - asks to be hidden at the family members tomb ago in Canaan.

Gen 50:1-11 Jacob’s body is embalmed in the way of Egyptian royalty. Joseph is offered permission to ask his dad in Canaan and he mourns his father at the threshing-floor that Atad close to the River Jordan. The place is referred to as Abel Mizraim (‘Mourning that the Egyptians’).

Gen 50:12-14 Jacob is buried in the Cave the Machpelah at Mamre (Hebron) next to the mortal continues to be of Abraham and also Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, and also Jacob’s first wife Leah. Jacob’s family returns to Egypt v Joseph. The dig of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob can still be went to in Hebron (see1 on Map 42 andthe feature on Hebron in the previous section).


Tomb the the Patriarchs in ~ Hebron ( Antoine Taveneaux )

Gen 50:15-21 Now the their father is dead, the brothers are afraid that Joseph may take revenge top top them, yet Joseph forgives them and also explains the God intended all of this to happen in order to conserve their lives.

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Gen 50:22-26 Joseph lives on to end up being an old man. That asks that, when the family eventually returns come Canaan, they take his remains ago with them. Joseph dies in c.1617BC and also his human body is embalmed and placed in a sarcophagus in Egypt.