I will be traveling in the near future come FL and wanted come drive through Alabama as we have actually never to be there before (and want to stop going through Atlanta and GA traffic in general). The path I to be looking to take to be I-65 southern from Nashville v Alabama, acquiring on Hwy 231 simply south of Montgomery, and also then jump on I-10 east near Tallahassee. Therefore anyway, my questions are, is Hwy 231 4 lanes all the way? What is the rate limit? about how numerous actual towns and also stoplights, if any, would certainly I have to go directly through? I know as much as miles and also drive time it might take longer than the Atlanta route, however I additionally know steering in ATL in ~ the projected time I would be there can be a nightmare. Thank you for her time and also any details you have the right to provide.

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1.Re: Driving with Alabama
9 year ago
I seem come recall it is 4 lanes. Number of towns to walk through. Permit me provide you mine opinion top top this subject. Ns live in Tuscaloosa, we travel to Naples, Florida several times a year. I stop 231 choose the plague. Ns DESPISE IT. Us drive to Atl, take it I285 to I75 south. We setup our pilgrimage to stop rush hour(s). Got recorded in website traffic in Atlanta only as soon as of any significance. I favor driving at interstate speeds than Hwy speeds through the numerous red lights and also slower rate areas.

I guess: v it just all depends on what part of Florida you space travelling to also. Just wanted to give you mine opinion.

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2.Re: Driving through Alabama
9 years ago
What is her final destination in Florida? the can help in determining if this is a an excellent plan for you.

As lengthy as you room OK with traveling with the towns along 231, friend will have a great trip. South of Montgomery, the key cities you will certainly go v will it is in Troy and also Dothan. There space a couple of small towns, also - watch your speed in Brundidge, just south that Troy. Dothan has actually an interesting means to acquire through it. The signs for Hwy 231 take you on a circle about the key downtown. That is likewise called Ross Clark Circle. Simply don't it is in alarmed when you check out the indicators telling girlfriend to rotate right once it seems prefer you should staying straight. If you room in Dothan ~ 5 PM, the Conestoga Steakhouse has the finest steaks anywhere. The is ~ above 231 just north that the rotate for Ross Clark Circle. Don't be placed off through the level building. The food is great.

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After obtaining through Dothan, the is pretty much wide open to I-10. Friend will record I-10 around an hour or so west that Tallahassee uneven you select to rotate off that 231 and also go v Marianna. Time wise, you will certainly be about the exact same either way.