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just how long deserve to snakes go without water?
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How long have the right to snakes walk without water?

I was reading an additional post around how someone left their ball Python through a sitter (uncle) as soon as they walk on a trip. One thing about snakes the is so an excellent is they yes, really don"t need sitters. If fine fed they deserve to go weeks and even months with out eating. (not recommended) yet they can go at some point without eating. My question is about water, i think I review somewhere they deserve to go through out water for lengthy periods that time also but can"t uncover where I experienced this. I understand desert snakes can yet what around other snakes choose Corns? I just think the ball Python problem could have actually been avoided and if the human being was only gone a few weeks or so the snake yes, really didn"t need a sitter. Also if the snake did, the sitter didn"t need to feed the snake, just give it water. The write-up didn"t say how long the owner to be on holidays so...How long deserve to snakes walk without water?
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Considering that EVERY snake I"ve obtained from shipping arrived very thirsty, I"d say no long.This includes balls, boas, corns, ratsnakes, and rubber boas.It does vary by species, as you stated, though. I"ve heard part suboc keepers just offer water as soon as a week.