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Easily a week. If the edge brown up a little you deserve to trim them down to the nice red. I had a roast critical night native a deer last week. Around 2 minutes precious of trimming and also it to be great. I have actually never wet my meat though. I commonly rinse it before preparing come cook. I dry that with record towels before freezing with a vacum sealer.
Many human being age your venison in the fridge for about a week climate filet the darkened external crust the forms prior to freezing. Me, out of the fur and also into the fire. No aging and no soaking. Uneven it"s in a marinade.
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For the very first part, I would certainly say a couple of days in the refrigerator at the most. Secondly, ns don"t soak anything!! carry out you soak a bottom round roast the you just bought in ~ the food store before you chef it?? i didn"t think so!! Deer is deer, beef is beef, chicken is chicken, etc. Selection and flavor is the spice that life!
A complete week in the frig. Is fine. Just don"t then freeze it, thaw it, and also then let the sit in the frig. For several more days.It"s all around time and also temperature. Lock say never to thaw and then re-freeze meat, but it is perfectly safe to do so as lengthy as you save track of the total number of days that it"s been thawed.I work-related for a poultry company. We have done numerous tests for shelf life the product. Chicken stays unspoiled for 12 days from kill day under regular refigeration. However, most video game is no chilled within 20 minute of killing together a processed chicken is.

A week is fine. Ns don"t soak meat either. If that is a bloody piece it is ground because that sausage or burger. Shot not soaking and you will love it. You have to trim all the fat turn off or the will destroy the taste of her meat.DEAN
Thanks for the answers. I wasn"t asking about soaking it. I typically don"t but I want to soak the really bloody peices.

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Scott, don"t concern too much around the care and handling that the meat. I think it goes bad automatically at the time of kill. Never have had any type of that taste good. Ns love come hunt "um, yet I ain"t eating it.Dayton
DaytonSomething is the matter with you. I have never had actually deer meat that tasted bad. Ns have had actually some the was not cared because that or cooked appropriate that can have to be a lot of better. It provides awesome burger,sausage and also the best jerky you can come by. Ns turned a hind quarter into jerky critical night and 4 that us almost ater all of it at occupational today.DEAN
the point that happens once meat is aging is going to grose girlfriend out but it is true that is like a bacteria yet it isn"t dang ns can"t psychic the name of it yet it wake up in the cells, socomes or somethind is the name of it.....when you watch aged beef advertised in a resturant correctly this is true it hangs sometimes for 4 mainly or better,,i have a fridge just for mine deer, I 4 minutes 1 it wrap the in a plastic bag and also leave it for 2-3 weeks...matter of reality getting ready to execute 2 up this eve. I got very first day of muzz. 2 weeks ago,,you can tell the diff the longer you let the age before freezing simply don"t perform the frozen thaw freeze!!!!! I have actually been told no TRIED!!!! that meat deserve to actually walk "bad" and also still it is in ok to eat as lengthy as you obtain it to the temp that 180deg.also one other tip, deer taste better cooked med. Rare to rare if you like it that way.