Snowflake through snowflake, as the snow settles in, life has taken a sweet rotate for the slower things.

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mine sourdough starter is bubbling away, crochet needles are once again pulling yarn, and slowly simmering, humbly set aside on the back of mine range, is homemade broth the brings comfort and also nourishment come every meal.

Yes, in this season, ns make a rich and savory batch that broth from bones made up of ligaments, cartilage, meat, collagen, and also fat about once a week … sometimes, every other week. understanding the health benefits that space in a appropriately prepared batch the homemade broth makes it particularly important for me to usage it commonly in mine cooking, particularly to save up the immunity of my family throughout this cold and flu season.

For fairly some time, I would certainly make a batch of broth, strain it, allow it gelatin in the frozen fridge overnight, different the fat, and also then frozen it in 2 cup portions. This procedure took me a little bit of time and frankly, as frequently as I usage broth that seemed nearly silly to need to freeze it every the time. I do recognize quite a few people that have the right to their broth instead of freeze it, but that just seemed like one more entire action I want to avoid.

I’m not certain when however it was through my local Weston Price structure Group that I discovered out the homemade broth have the right to be kept for up to 6 months in the refrigerator without having to frozen or have the right to it. When I learned this tip, it changed my kitchen.

How to store Homemade Broth preserved for 6 months … No Canning or freeze Required!


Each batch the broth start with an excellent quality bones and also meat indigenous a pastured animal. I’m walking to present you just how I maintain my broth in the refrigerator for approximately 6 month with one of my own backyard chickens.

Besides the eggs, one of the ideal things the you will obtain from raising backyard chicken is the diversity of fat that grows within. due to the fact that I live in a cooler climate, I intentionally buy winter hardy birds that can also be considered dual top quality birds, meaning that they have the right to be raised for egg or meat. Mine girls gain large, beautifully plump, fill with gold fat that keeps lock warm during the coldest of winters.

As I explained in my butchering post, poultry fat consists of the monounsaturated fatty mountain palmitoleic acid, which boosts our immune system. Chicken fat has an ext palmitoleic acid than many other species of poultry. The main monounsaturated fatty acid in poultry fat is oleic acid, well known for its valuable effects top top cholesterol. To optimal that off, if her chicken has been pastured ~ above grass and weeds, that fat likewise has a great amount of omega-3 fat acids and also vitamin d.

Just watch at how much fat is lugged underneath the skin of my heritage breed winter hardy birds.


It’s this fat, add by aromatics that offers my broth such rich flavors, made deep and golden.

Once her batch the broth is made, in stimulate to keep it for approximately 6 months without canning or freezing, every you have to do is ensure that a good 1/2″ or for this reason of this rendered fat sits atop of every jar or container that you strain her broth into.

If friend have an excellent quality pastured meat v a great amount that fat, this is as simple as simply straining the broth into the jars and watching the fat float to the top.


Once every jar is filled, place a lid on it and refrigerate it. When refrigerated, the fat on optimal will harden and also seal the broth below.


The fat on top eliminates any type of air and also will save your homemade broth maintained in the refrigerator for up to 6 months.


That’s yes, really it. Just make certain that girlfriend don’t puncture the fat. When air is permit in, the broth will remain good for a couple of days in the fridge.

Now, one thing. Once you grab for a seasoned of broth, make sure to gently eliminate the fat and also save that in one more jar. Soon enough you’ll have actually a jar filled with nourishing fat the you can use to fry up potato or roast vegetables.


It’s so, so great … her immune device will say thanks to you and you’ll have the added bonus of omega 3 and vitamin d.

I originally common this from mine instagram account. So many world were interested the I made decision to do a blog post around it. If you’d choose to keep up with tips choose this and other things I’m constantly doing in my kitchen, make sure to follow me top top instagram.

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(Disclaimer: i personally usage my share quickly. It’s not in mine refrigerator for more than 3 weeks. If you’re no going come be using your share in the amount of time, I would certainly personally encourage girlfriend to frozen it. Because that legality reasons, botulism can take place so proceed at your own risk.)

Were you acquainted with this reminder on exactly how to preserve homemade broth for approximately 6 months … no canning of freeze required? exactly how do you maintain your broth?


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