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Today: We"ve combine up with Goat cheese of France to display you just how to use a variety French goat cheese in different dishes—no issue the meal.


There"s good news because that those of united state who strive to incorporate cheese right into every enjoy the meal possible: Goat cheeses space not every the same. Since there room so numerous different smell profiles, textures, and also degrees the crumbliness in goat cheese (due to how and how long it"s aged), there are countless ways to usage it. Here are the three key categories that goat cheese: 

Fresh: These room rindless, fairly spreadable, and come in a variety of shapes. You"re more than likely used to seeing a log-shaped version at grocery store stores.Aged: aged goat cheese are precisely what their surname suggests. Allowed to ripen for up to 12 weeks, these cheeses have a firmer texture, much more prominent flavor, and can it is in grated.

Valençay (1), Crottin (2), Chabichou du Poitou (3), Bûcheron or Bûcherondin (4), and Florette (5)

The variety we"re likely to choose for a cheese spread is soft-ripened, but there are so plenty of types, trying to number out which one to obtain at the farmers sector or grocery deserve to be tricky. Here"s a tiny guide to assist you the end (pictured above, too):

Valençay: known for the pyramid shape, Valençay has a natural, blue-grey ash rind. The cheese is smooth and dense, yet creamy—it"s tang is well balanced by some earthy and nutty notes.Crottin: v a slightly nutty flavor and a white rind, Crottin start creamy and also dries as that ages, making the ideal for crumbling.Chabichou du Poitou: The cylindrical cheese"s butter layer (beneath the rind) is a precursor to its firm-yet-creamy interior. Its smell balances salty and also tangy.Bûcheron (aka Bûcherondin): A semi-firm cheese, Bûcheron can be crumbled or sliced. Gentle in flavor and harder texture once it"s young, this cheese gets much more intense and also softer as it ages.Florette: A creamy cheese v a bloomy rind, Florette has actually a structure akin come Brie (but, don"t worry, its odor is all goat).

(Note: If friend can"t uncover the ranges we"ve presented here, perform a tiny cheesemongering of your own and look for comparable characteristics in other varieties of goat cheese.) 


Once you get home, goat cheese will save in the fridge, strictly sealed, for 2 to 3 weeks. keep soft or semi-soft cheese in a resealable plastic container. For semi-hard cheeses, pave in parchment or wax document and climate in silver paper or plastic wrap to prevent from dry out. It"s best to store any type of cheese in the vegetable crisper, whereby the temperature is cold and stable. Always serve goat cheese at room temperature, so take it out of the refrigerator 30 minute or so prior to serving. 

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As for what to execute with every these cheeses, we asked our test Kitchen Manager Derek for some concepts on how to incorporate goat cheese into sweet, savory, and also everything-in-between dishes. From chilaquiles come plum tart, here’s just how to eat goat cheese because that breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

Start your day the goat cheese way.



Lunch, dinner, lunner, etc.

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Salads of all sorts.



A little sweet, a small savory. 


What"s her favorite dish with goat cheese? Tell united state in the comments below!

Photos by James Ransom and also Bobbi Lin

We"ve paired up with Goat cheeses of France to show you just how to use a variety French goat cheese in various dishes.