Summer roadway Trips

In June ns drove indigenous California to Colorado and back with two of my kids and also documented the road trip, including the COVID-specific elements, in this post. And then in July i drove fifty percent the route again, from Colorado to California, with my earliest daughter. And also we go it much better this time!

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In Devil’s Garden

Coming earlier we still had actually a small time prior to sunset, so we drove to the delicate Arch ideology parking and also hiked come the top viewpoint. It’s approximately a mile from vulnerable Arch therefore it’s no an remarkable view, however it was still pretty to see it. We’ll perform the full hike following time.

A note: After 3 visits to arches National Park, I created up a short article with our advice for various other families.

Bryce Canyon nationwide Park

From Moab to Zion we might have bring away I-70 and also I-15 and arrived in 5 hours, yet we opted for the 6.5 hour drive through Capitol Reef national Park and Grand Staircase-Escalante nationwide Monument instead, because it’s lot nicer, and then we detoured to Bryce Canyon national Park to provide my daughter a fast view that the hoodoos. From over there it to be on to Zion via the east Entrance, which ns think is the best method to get in the park anyway.

Zion national Park

In June in ~ Zion we remained at Cable mountain Lodge, located just outside of the park. It to be excellent, but this trip we opted because that Zion Lodge for one reason: it gave us access to Zion’s Scenic Drive. The Scenic journey is so renowned that it’s closed to cars lot of the year and they require advancement shuttle appointments instead. That seemed much easier to me to simply publication Zion Lodge and also be may be to journey in.

The lodge is iconic and the place is amazing. We had actually a small cabin v one queen bed which wasn’t ideal, but it to be the only obtainable option as soon as I made the reservation. No of us slept well. But I’d remain there again following time – the setup is precious it.

We arrived in the beforehand afternoon, confirm in and relaxed. Dinner (take out only) was from the hotel’s Red rock Grill, which us ate in our cabin. And then in ~ 6pm us headed turn off on the Grotto Trail appropriate at the lodge, which connected to Kayenta Trail throughout the road and also then come the upper Emerald swimming pool Trail.

We love this hike! we passed a couple of other hikers that were hiking down, yet otherwise had the trail come ourselves. The hike chin is stunning, especially in the pre-sunset light, and also the top Emerald Pool and also surrounding cliffs space amazing. The waterfall was dry once we to be there, however there was water in the pool. Highly recommended – one of my favorite hikes v my youngsters ever. That took roughly two hrs round-trip, consisting of maybe 30 minute at the top, and also it was still light when we got ago (mid-July).

Zion come the Coast

We had actually breakfast in ~ the coffee ar at Cable hill Lodge (nothing was open up at Zion Lodge early) and also then jumped top top the road. Our just stop: 7 Magic Mountains exterior Las Vegas. I had actually forgotten around this arts exhibit last month, so i made certain to seek it out this time. We had actually fun walking about the stone towers and photographing because that a couple of minutes. And also it was basic to visit: we acquired off at the Sloan road exit and also headed south on ras Vegas Blvd for number of miles. Then we ongoing south after us visited and got back on the highway in ~ Goodsprings Road. The barely delayed united state at all.

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Road pilgrimage Summary

This to be a extremely successful Colorado-California roadway trip. We ate far better than us did throughout last month’s trip and every nationwide Park visit was much better – with the exemption of Capitol Reef, which us didn’t avoid at this time. Us loved everything at arcs National Park and our hike in ~ Zion, and really took pleasure in our rapid stops in Vail and also at seven Magic Mountains.


Moab Springs Ranch to be $578 for two nights. Zion Lodge to be $244 for one night.

Our annual National Parks pass is $80. The pays because that itself after two or three park visits.

Our meals included up come $270.98, consisting of three breakfasts, 2 lunches, three dinners and also a many coffee, ice cream and also frozen yogurt stops.

Gas in our Volvo VC70 to be $206.76. The Volkswagen Atlas us drove critical month was much more fuel-efficient and didn’t require premium gas, so that’s the auto we’ll be taking on our next California road trip.

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